Worried About Getting A Ticket????


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In reference to the post about having an accident I thought I'd relay a story to put your minds at ease a little. I know when it comes to things like accidents and tickets people are afriad it's the end of their career - I was once the same way - but people do get hired at airlines with 'less than perfect records' and as an example I thought I'd pass on this story. This is an honest to goodness true story! I have a friend that interviewed and was offered a position at American(started as a B727 F/E) several years ago - he was also offered an interview at Delta but elected to turn it down as he was in class at American at the time. My friend had a misdemeanor on his record!! This is the good part - it was for fishing without a license! ha I couldn't hardley believe but the state he lived in it was a misdemeanor offense. In the interview the interview panel asked him about the misdemeanor on his record - laughed uncontrollably for 10 minutes and then went on with the interview. He got the congrats letter several weeks later.

Point of the story is that just because there is a 'bad thing' on your record doesn't mean you won't get hired. They'll probably ask you about it in an interview but if it wasn't your fault or it was something silly like my friend's situation it generally won't cause a problem! The people interviewing you have probably had their share of things happen as well - it's called life

Have time for a nap before the boss gets back - see ya' all later -