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Hello! I have asked this question at many forums and I will ask it here as well since I can´t decide. I have wanted to become a pilot since I was 3 years old. I have allways dreamed about the best flying schools and the best career with the best airlines. Basicly I want to be the best of the best.

So here I am 17 years old and now I have two opptions. Here in Sweden there is a special upper secondary level school or high school, wich gives you a CPL, Night Qualification and 150 hours for free. And offcourse it gives you the normal swedish school education. After the two years at this school, 30% of the students gets accepted to finish their pilot training with scandinavian aviation academy www.bfsaa.se . This means that they get the ME/IR, ATPL and everything for free as well. And let me ad that this school is sponsored by Scandinavian Aviaion Academy.

Then I have the option that I think sounds best consindering my goals and it is Oxford Aviation Academy wich is situated in England and you probably know it allready. It seems their Integrated program is very good and that allmoast every body gets accepted byt the major european airlines like British Airways wich has allways been my favorite airline. The only problem is that it is expensive and that I will have to take loans.

At my current school I can allso get a special english education wich prepares you for international jobs and studyes. This you can´t get at the flying school. There you only get the normal swedish, english education.
And since you do both flight training and normal school, I am afraid that my grades will suffer.

So it the opptions are to go to the free swedish flying school in august this year. Or finish my two years at my normal school and apply with Oxford or any other major FTO.

What would you guys reccomend? And please take in mind, my goals and dreams. Please reccomend the opption that will give me the best career ever.

I am new at the forums by the way so hi to everybody!!

//Fabio Andreoli.
Ok I see. But could you put in some arguments as well? I feel that the career will not be as good as I wanted, if I choose the free school.
I think everybody is going to tell you free.

Is the swedish certificate a JAA certificate or do you have your own administration?
You really need to look at certificates and see which ones will allow you to fly for the company/country that you want to live/work in.

I couldn't go to England and fly with my commercial FAA certificate. What I am trying to say is that the decision is more about what the European regulations allow you to do and not what school you go to.
If you can train at either/or and get a job in either/or country, I would go the free route.
Free is set in stone, jobs move.

clear as mud?
The training is JAR-FCL so that would be fien for working in other european countries?

So it isn´t like I have allways thought. That if you go to a school in Sweden it will be very difficult for you to find a job outside Sweden. I mean I can work for SAS etc but not for KLM or British Airways.

But this is not true then? I could train in Sweden, move to England and have just as good chanches of work as an englis pilot (if I speak good english offcourse)?

And it isnt a disadvantage that it is a Modular training, and that maybe my grades will not be as good as in my normal school?

Thanks for the advice!
as far as I'm aware, it is not true. Your training is what makes you eligible, not the country you reside in or trained in
Sounds like you need to do a bit more research!! Most the folks on this site are not going to be familiar with Swedish, British, or European Union rules. But if your good with this wonderful thing called the internet, you should be able to come up with these answers if your willing to put in the time to do the research.

Free is your best option if it get you closer to where you want to be.
I think you need to call these institutions and talk to them directly.

If sweden trains there students under JAR, that is the same as England.

Also, by your reasoning - if you are questioning if you can train in Sweden and fly for British Company under the JAA, how could you train in England, Oxford and work for KLM in the Netherlands?

I would really call the people directly, they will know.