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I'm looking to start my A/P schooling. The one college I'm mostly interested in is Wester Miching University. I was wondering if anyone here has gone to it or know someone who has. I have a couple questions I'd like to ask about the program. Specifically, the following:

1. Tools, provided/not
2. Do they run the program year round? As in, would it be an issue if I wanted to start during the spring term (I'll probably have my AD, so I shouldn't have to take too many basic classes)?
3. How are the proffessors? What kind of teaching do they like to do?
4. How much is theory and how much hands on?
5. Is there anything expected of me as a student going there? For instance, I know of a school that required all of their students to show up clean shaven and un-hungover. Not that that would be a problem, I'm just curious
6. I notice that they're based in Battle Creek (the Av college). How much of their classes are at the airport and how many on campus, if any?

I plan on asking the same questions to the guy that's in charge, but you and I both know that they're in the business of selling us an education, so I'll likely get the pink fluffy clouds and fairy tale version. I'll also re-post this in the Western Mich flight school forum, on the off chance I won't get my thread moved and they're likely to actually know people. Thanks a lot in advance,

-Chris A
I appreciate that you had some difficulty chosing which forum might be most appropriate for your question. We find that it is usually best for the forum if we limit it to one thread per topic rather than having people responding in two different locations. It can get confusing sometimes when a person responds, then sees the other thread and can't find their post, responds again...

In light of all that, I'm going to close this thread and leave the other one open for discussion. I'll post a link here so that people in this forum that might have some insight can find the thread to respond in.

BTW, OSC fan, eh? :D

Not open for further replies.