Thoughts on Flight Academies


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Hey everyone,

I bet that this question has been asked before (though I cannot find where), but what are your thoughts on these large flight academies? Some people say they're fantastic, while others hate them. Are there any success stories from them, or do they leave most students broke and unemployed? Thanks in advance.
Success stories? Yes, but not the day after you graduate. If you want to get paid to fly in the regionals it will not happen without time building after through with the school. (4 year degrees help to)
Where you get your training tends to influence where you get your first CFI job.

Where you teach as a CFI influences where you get your next job.

I went the academy route, and found when I got back that there was more opportunity at FBO's then somebody off the street. However, if you trained at the FBO, they would be more likely to hire you because they know who you are and how you fly.

Once you're instructing, you get to know lots of people around the local airports. I do training almost exclusively in twin engine planes. ATP, Commercial Multi, and MEI/CFII ratings mostly. People on the field see me flying expensive/complex equipment and I end up getting offers to right-seat in turbine aircraft.

I recommend the academy route because its probably the fastest route, and you get to know a lot of other professional pilots.