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Can somebody tell me about Telluride, Colorados Regional Airport (I believe KTEX). My familly is headed in and I was thinking about me brother and uncle flying in. My uncle told me Telluride is not all that safe of an airport. Personally since he's not even a pilot I dont buy it (I dont think he knows what hes talking about) but does anyone have any experoiance with it? I thought I'd borrow a C-712 from someone I knew and fly up there. I was thinking about flying in at night but if its really that bad I may fly in the day after while its light out. Any feedback is appreciated...
Bah ... nevermind ... wrong airport.

Man I'm on a roll of wrong info today ....
Telluride is not a really bad airport, but it sure isn’t an easy one either. It is at the end of a long valley, and sits on top of a semi mesa.

The airport is at the end of an 11mile long canyon. Looking at the Jepps app plate

Quote: airport on 100ft mesa string vertical winds. Rising terrain in all quadrants

Airport closed 30 min after sunset

Pilots operating after curfew will be prosecuted.

I wouldn’t go in unless it is CAVU or in a larger twin on an IFR plan.

oh and the loc is 3degrees off the center line.

You are inst rated... right?
Alright, I'll go day time. Instument rated I am (Commercial Multi Inst) but I really dont feel like being prosecuted and I was thinking about being there 8 PM or later and being in the mountains its bound to be after sunset by then. Thanks...
The reason its a dangerous airport for you is it is at 9000+ above sea level. I doubt a regular 172 would even clear the airport fence.
No ... I thought the same thing too (which is why I edited that first post) I think you're thinking of Leadville - at least I was. Leadville is the highest airport in the Lower 48 .. field elevation 9,000ft or so I think.

If you're not thinking of Leadville than just ignore this post. Carry on.
Leadville-Lake County (LXV) 9927 feet

Telluride Regional (TEX) 9078 feet

Telluride Airport is the highest airport in the US that has commercial airline service. I believe Leadville has the highest airport elevation.
I can clear it in C-172 at 9076 no problem, I was just worried about other obsticles that could stand in my way that could make it difficult.
TPA at Telluride is 10500 ft for all aircraft. On a hot day, there is no way you could make it there with a C-172 that has a 160 HP engine (I think that is what they have).
You need to pull out a POH and really take a look. Its summer time and I have serious doubt that you can fly in that area safely in a normally aspirated C172. Take this 172 on a flight and climb up to 12,500 and see what kind of FPM climb you get out of it.
Alright, Alright...I'll try it brand new 172 though so I dont think I'll have a problem. MaybeI could fly to a lower level then make the final climb into there...Dont know I'll have to research ita little more.
Been there, done that, have NO desire to EVER do it again. I landed there in a King Air 350 a few years back - it's not impossible, not as bad as Aspen, but I don't really care to ever go back. Be very, very careful of the winds. If they are blowing even a little bit(and at 9K+ feet they usually are) there can be some very strong updrafts up the side of the mesa right at the airport boundary. It gave us one he!! of a ride in a big King Air - you'd have to have some decent size balls to do it in a 172 in anything but the most ideal conditions.

It's definatley a Day VFR light to no wind airport. My suggestion would be to fly into Montrose at the bottom of the mountain and drive up. It's only a few thousand feet high if I remember correctly.

Do you have any mountain flying experience?? Telluride is not the airport to cut your teeth on. I have a fair amount of both 172 and mountain experience and I wouldn't even think about attempting a takeoff out of TEX with 3 people aboard a 172 - that's just nuts.

I'll try it brand new 172 though so I dont think I'll have a problem

[/ QUOTE ]

I still think you will have a problem. It is good to see you are researchign the possibile factors in getting there and I hope you get to make that trip.
I have some moutain flying experiance but not a lot. If worse comes to worse like you said I could drive down to Telluride from this Montrose airport is weathers looking funky.
DAY VFR, landing in the early morning would be fine in a c-172, so plan on flying all night!!

we flew in a Glasair 3, from Durango north to silverton, about 20 miles I suspect, at koff koff exactly 500ft agl, up the canyon, over the narrow gage railroad, when we got to silverton, a left turn, to the top of the mountian I want to say it is black bear pass, but I am not sure, and popped over the top at somewhere about 13-4000ft. that was one kick ass ride.

here is a topo of the city of telluride, if you have high speed, pan out and look at the entire route..
I lived in Telluride for a while and I would prefer to never fly out of there myself. Considering the airport elevation and the significant elevations around the valley you had better have excellent conditions and a turbo charged or turbine aircraft. The idea of flying from there with a 180hp 172SP gives me the creeps. If you get into any kind of mountain downdraft you will have zero chance of maintaining altitude let alone climbing through it. Fly to Montrose and drive up.
Alright, problem soloved I believe. After a zillion phonecalls I managed to find a guy with a Beech 76 duchess who will lend it to me for 6 days a cheap rental. Should get me there with only worries of fuel stops
A BE76 into TEX?? YIKES - that's the only thing worse than taking a 172 there! Ha - maybe not that bad but remember you're still going to have the same problems as the Duchess is normally aspirated and if you lose one the only thing a Duchess is going to do for you is produce asymmetrical thrust to the point of impact - don't count on being able to maintain altitude on one engine with that kind of load at that altitude. I haven't flown one for about 5 years but I was thinking the single engine service ceiling was only around 7,000 but I could be wrong - I don't have the book available.

Anyway - don't mean to rain on your parade - it'll be a great adventure and an even better learning experience just be careful and if everything thing isn't PERFECT go to Montrose and drive.

As a side note - check into airport fees at TEX - as I remember it it was quite expensive.

A be76 will be no better, and possible worse than the C172. I flew a Be76 into an aiport that had a field elevation of 4500ft, and only terrain to the west. It took 3500+ to take off on this hot summer day, luckily the runway was 12000 ft (there is a reason its that long). Back at the home airport youll see takeoffs at 1200Ft. Always leave youself an out, and flying a Duchess into TEX will not allow you know such out. You will get 0 climb out of a be76 at that altitude and will most likely only slow the descent.

Caution: High Terrain exceeding 14,000 feet all quadrants. Exercise extreme caution when southerly winds exceed 15 kts. (rotor over runway, down draft in the middle of runway). Be cautious of down-drafts near abrupt terrain.