Post-Training, Instructor Questions


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I keep reading posts about instructing for DCA after trainnig to get the hours to interview, and the problems with wait times for slots or for some reason not being able to instruct.

My questions are these:

1) For those who will get to instruct but have to wait months to a year or two--what do you do in the meantime as far as work, are there other FBO's or school's to work at to kill time and pay the bills?

2) If a person doesn't get to instruct, but has passed the training, will this negate the possibility of getting picked up with a commuter with low time? Suppose someone can't instruct with DCA but gets a job instructing at an FBO--will this candidate have the same potential since he/she came from DCA in the first place?

Just some questions as I look as potential schools.
1. I am finishing up my CFII at DCA currently and will probably be done in two weeks or so. I understand the wait is approx. 5 months for standz class. A while, but not nearly a year or two. In the meantime I will go back home (and live with my wife, woohoo!) and hopefully instruct a bit at my FBO back home.

2. Not completely sure I understand the second question, but if for some reason I don't wind up instructing at DCA I certainly don't think it would hurt my chances at another regioal airline. The training I have recieved here has been top notch and has prepared me well to instruct somewhere else while building time towards getting hired somewhere else.

Hope that helps a bit, let me know if you have more Q's and I will try to answer them as best I can....
I would say the wait for standz started getting long a few months ago. There is a big bubble of us that started last July - Oct. that are finishing up. From what i hear there are some big classes coming thru so it might start to shorten up a bit.

Up for my CFII checkride tomorrow so wish me luck....