Poll: When do you think Meigs Field will re-open?

I don't know if any of the beaurocrats are willing to spend tax payers dollars to repave the runway.
People today are scared •less of reading between the lines and thinking for themselves.

The mayor used "trigger" phrases like "homeland security", "economics" and "parks for kids" so the general public is satisfied that he made the right decision. Plus, because the idea of a guy that wacked-out having so much authority scares people so they side with emotional safety and presume that he's doing what's best.

Speak against his plans, you're unpatriotic, anti-American and not sacrificing for our needs for tighter homeland security (a la 1950's McCarthyism).

Speak against his plans for a casino and you'll be sneered at a concept meant to reinvigorate downtown with $X millions of dollars to be infused into the local economy.

Speak against his conversion of a world wide aviation icon like Meigs and he'll accuse you of not supporting parks for children and such.

Seen it before!
Actually even Tom Ridge said he was disapointed Meigs was closed and that his agency was never consulted on the deal.. Daley also came out and admitted his true intentions was for a park.

It's all crazyness.. I think enough people are against Daley on this that hopefully it will not just be a silenced voice... AOPA likes to get what they want

I should say though I agree with what you say though! Lol
I voted never, but not for the reason listed.

Talking to a friend who used to live in Chicago about this. He was shocked that the mayor could pull such a stunt, but he also mentioned that most of the people in Chicago probably won't mind if the "rich boys and their jets" don't fly out of Meig's anymore. I don't know if that's the way the people really feel, but I think it shows how badly GA can be misunderstood by non-aviation types. 'Who cares about the jetboys, build us a nice park' - And that is why I think Meig's will never reopen.
Daley was on the news last night blabbing about a casino in Chicago. He really needs a lesson in public speaking. He said something to the effect of, If the taxpayers of Chicago ever needed some money, all they would have to do is go down to the casino and collect. Are kidding me, this guy is an idiot.
I just got back from a trip to Chicago and it was interesting to see what people thought. Most people really didn't care one way or the other. I have some friends who are Chicago cops and they were pissed that people were looking at them as part of the bad guys because they escorted the machines that ripped up the runway. From the sounds of it, the majority of Chicago's finest would like to see it reopened.

And as a Chicago native, the ideas of Meigs becoming a park are simply ridiculous. Chicago's lakefront has parks up the wazoo. It's a total pain in the you know what to park anywhere near Meigs. Ever try to park close to a Bear's game? It's MUCH more convenient to take the "L" or park downtown and walk to Grant Park (the one with the fountain from "Married With Children" ) if you want to go to a park downtown. Meigs as a park? Silly, silly, and more silly.

Meigs as a threat to homeland security? HA! Most of the aircraft that fly into Meigs are singles and light twins. Yes, it is close to downtown. But has anyone here ever flown into MDW? If you're departing 4R or 4L what is staight ahead? Yes indeed, that would be downtown Chicago and the world's tallest building, the Sears Tower. I know of one airline that flies 757's out of Midway, that's a little larger than a Cessna 172 or Piper Seneca. I went to the top of the Sear's Tower last weekend and we could see the planes on base for 22 at MDW and they were almost as close to us as we were to Meigs. Bascially, of someone was horrible enough to try something, they could depart from almost anywhere.

I don't know if it will reopen. I was fortunate enough to land there last year. I see it as one of "The" airports in the U.S. As pilot's, we're a small minority. Sadly, I'm not sure if the general public really cares.
The TSA has lifted the Chicago no fly zone, much to the ire of Daley. The TSA, for once, said that the no fly zone wasn't needed except for direct threats against the city.

For what it's worth, they lifted the one in NYC also.
Someone should lift the "no-butt-kicking-zone" around Daley and let some of the Southern Illinois boys have him for an hour or so.