October students..


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Hey guys, chunk, veronaut, and crew...How many new students started this month? Any idea? You can always ask one of the ladies in the book shop, they always know because they put together the kits for the new students...
Thanks guys!
I think low double digits...10-13...something in that range. Ask dgelling...he just started.

Sept had 38 in one class!

ASA interviews on the 15th or so.

Chunk, what is the word with you and some of the other newbies there, are you all looking at going straight into ASA, or instructing for a bit?
Sept. had a large enrollement, but Oct. it really fell off. I heard something like 10 commercial guys and mabye 1 private? Kind of sucks for the guys just coming out of stand class, they won't have to much to do for awhile................
There are exactly 13 in the pre-private class that started on Sep 30th (myself included). I believe I heard there was about 10 or so people who came in with their PPL. I have not heard anything definite on the October class date enrollment, but I heard that it was generally pretty low in October - Dec. If anybody knows anything, please share.
On a related note, I was considering the Dec 3 class but will have to do the Jan 6 class instead. Anyone know the sizes for these classes? A lady in marketing had mentioned that coming in with a larger class could make it more difficult to be hired as a CFI, due to greater competition.
I would say that worring about the competition among the poeple you start with is going a little overboard. Looking back to my interview group there wasn't a single person in the group with who I started my private with. And I had over 20 people in my Private ground. I would say that the sooner you start, the sooner you'll finish, the sooner you'll start to work as a CFI etc...
I'm with Barronman. The sooner you start, the sooner you get paid to fly. Of the 20 people in my private class, one got hired the month before me, and I was the only one from my initial class in my round of interviews. Everyone goes at a different pace.
Of the commercial group I started with (18 guys) I was the only one who even interviewed, not sure what happened to all of them they sort of just went different ways.......