New Instrument Pilot


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Ok, finally....that is over with. Took me 2 tries but I get it! The first time everything went beautifully till the controller cleared me for the VOR18 when I should have been cleared for the RNAV18.
I caught it but by the time he cleared me for the correct approach, I was on course and quickly flying through it. I realized it and should have went missed (that's where I bit it) but I tried to correct. I got back on course but altitude was off. I corrected the altitude but then I was so flustered I flew through MDA. So I ended it with the oral passed with flying colors and the ILS beautiful and the hold covered and a VOR-A down pat. I talked with the DE and he told me he knew I was going to do it but he wanted me to learn from in instead of stopping me right away. I then flew back to my FBO's airport, went over some stuff with the head instructor, got a new sign off/8710 and made the executive decision to try it again the same day. REnted the plane for the rest of the day in hopes that the DE would be able to slip me in somewhere. Flew back to the DE's airport, begged and pleaded with him to open a slot in his schedule, succeded, and we flew back to the FBO airport to re-do the botched GPS approach and I nailed it. So I was out two examiner's fees and a hell of a ot of flying back and forthe from KFNT to D95. But let me say it was worth it to get it done. Let it be a lesson to anyone, just cause you mess up one portion of a test don't give up!

Now its about 35 more hours to commercial time.