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My logbook is a mess...The first 2-3 pages have whiteout..back when I was a student pilot I wasn't paying attention and put all my hours in the ME section, so I used whiteout to fix it. ( I know whiteout is bad, I didn't know anybetter.)

There are a lot of X's and a lot of stuff is scratched out etc. It gets better page by page and I'm now extreamly careful when filling it out. ( So the first few pages are a little rough )

Should I worry about this when I go to a job interview? Anything I should do or just leave it and double check everything before using pen?


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Put the info in the comments area. Keep the old logbook for signatures should you need it.

You can scan endorsements and put them at the end of the printed electronic version. (at least that worked for me)


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My first one was like that too. Several interviews and it didn't seem to matter at any of them.


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I try not to whiteout, instead I draw a line through my mistake and initial it

Wouldn't worry about it beyond that. I second an electronic logbook, but Logbook Pro (best for PC, IMO) is a bit out of the $30 price range. Worth the cost, though.


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I'll probably get a descent one once I'm ready to apply to another job I suppose.
Thanks guys


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Don't use something free, especially web based. Many web-based logbooks have just vanished one day. Bite the bullet and buy either LogTen Pro for Mac ($99) or Logbook Pro for PC (~$70).


If you dont want to spend $80-100 on one of the popular packages I dont blame you, I think they are all way over-priced for nothing but a glorified spreadsheet with bad user interfaces. is a free web service, you can export your log as CSV or PDF so you have a backup. It's also open source, so anybody could set up a logbook server and you could just import your .csv that you had been backing up, and it'd just work... so no real risk of losing your logbook just because some company goes belly up.

If you dont want to store them on a web site at all, you can just use Excel (or Open Office Spreadsheet for free).

Here's a free pre-formatted spreadsheet with automatic totals and basic stats:

Whatever you use make sure you have automatic backups of some sort, either web sync and/or have the database files automatically copied off or sync'd (Google Drive, SugarSync, Dropbox, Mozy, etc). No point in having it all digital if it gets zap'd and you have no way to recover it.


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Don't use something free, especially web based. Many web-based logbooks have just vanished one day. Bite the bullet and buy either LogTen Pro for Mac ($99) or Logbook Pro for PC (~$70).
Truer words have never been spoken.

Even better is when a free site decides that they are no longer "Free." I know for a fact this has happened in the past on various sites offering free logbook service. Then it becomes "Pay the price or lose your stuff."

Not worth it. Pony up and get a good logbook program. Personally I use Logbook pro, and I went all out and got the binder and custom paper to print up my log. I transferred over at around the 2000hr mark, so it was a bit painful but not the end of the world. I keep my old paper logbooks for the endorsements, however most of those are becoming less and less relevant.

I do recall at my second 121 interview when they saw the electronic logbook the comment was "Well, guess we don't have to add up your time" :)


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How do you log sign-offs electronically as a student?

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Don't use whiteout, feds aren't a fan of that. Single line or a neat X through your mistake.