Instructor Pay Across the Nation.


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Just wondering how much instructors are making through out the nation. My flight school just bumped the cost for an instructor from $35 to $37 per hour. How much of this does the instructor get to take home?
I'm not an instructor, but I know that the flight school I trained at charged $39/hr for instruction, of which $18 made its way back to the instructor.
I think $18 is really good compared to a lot of places! At our local FBO instructors make $8 an hour and only for the flight hour, not for the time they spend on the ground.
Does that include benifits? It seems most of the flight schools here hire instructors as independent contractors, so you have no benifits plus you are responsible for your own taxes.
I let CFI's free lance in my 152 but they have to join the club it's part of first. The owner of the facility the club runs out of provides the right to operate on the airport and a nice classroom to return, he takes 15%. The suggested rate is $35 per hour and the CFI keeps about $30.
I pay my instructor $30/hr hobbs time only, private, instrument whatever. He freelances and keeps it all. Obviously no benefits.
Instructors make a good wage per hour . I know some that instruct 8 hours a day and some that still have to get another part-time job. The instructor's at my FBO get $15 per hour after the FBO charges $45 per hour.
I made about $15 per hour as a CFI with a very busy schedule. But I think I barely cracked $10,000 once!
I pay my instructor 20 dollars per hour whether we are in the air or on the ground, But he also has another job flying seaplanes for a chemical company down here in Louisiana and makes decent money. He once told me he was way overpaid for the work he does.
It costs $35hr here.

CFI gets $15
CFII gets $17 (for all instruction - private. commercial, or instrument instruction)
No MEI work here at the moment

I can take home about $350 working 25hrs a week.
School here charges $30 an hour for SE instruction...CFI gets $20.
ME Instruction is $35...MEI gets $27.50.

Not bad. Average is about $2,400 per month for my take home pay
Our school charges $36/hour, the instructor sees $11-14 of that. My college charges around $40/hour and the instructors are paid a salary starting around $24-26k/year.
43.00 an hour for any and all instruction Flying, Ground, Private, Instrumetn, Comm...... The instructors get 16 per hour until they pass 60 hours of instruction per two week pay period, then it goes to 18.00 per hour. After 80 hours in a two week pay period they go up to 20.00 per hour. The school keeps the rest. Also, they have full benefits.
School charges between $30 and $60 per hour depending on type of instruction (ground, flight, private, instrument, high performance, BFR, IPC, etc.).

Full time instructors get paid a base salary based on a four-tiered pay scale. Your salary goes up as your hours go up. There is a minimum number of flight/ground hrs. included in the base which also goes up with hours, but once we exceed that, we get hourly plus base. The hourly rate there varies again with the type of instruction, but ranges from $13 to $18 per hour.

Personally, I am on the third of the four tiers, and I am averaging between $1500 on a slow month, and $1900 on a good month. Unfortunately, lately it has been the former but things are picking up again.