Hows things at FSI?


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Just wondering how things are going down in Vero Beach? Any stand classes in the near future? Any of you guy's particapate in the internship, and if so how was it/is it???

Can't speak about stan classes or the internships, but enrollment seems to be picking up based on the size of the past two classes.
My CFI class which started in July was 14. I'm not sure what the current class sizes are. It is a little encouraging though... Still coming in October?

How is CFI going? I was in the July 2002 CFI class and I can't believe it has already been a year!
I just finished ground school and that went pretty well...

Flew today for the first time in the right seat as well as the first time in about a month. Boy did that stink! Talking and flying at the same time is going to take some getting used to, but I'm confident that it can only get better. Are you working in Maine?

Yeah I have been working here at home since I left Flight Safety at the end of last August. I have a pretty good job instructing and flying scenic flights.
Still coming in October?

[/ QUOTE ]

Yup, I'll be arriving in Melbounre on Wednesday the 1st of October, I figure 2 days before orentation day would be enough to get settled in accomidation and setup a local bank account.

Any tips on how to get from Melbounre to Vero or where to setup a bank account?

If you don't have a lot of bags call me I'll pick you up! (Small car)

PM me and I'll give you my number!
Is your 'small car' that MG to the left? Thanks for the offer but I'm guessing I will probably be carrying the 2 largest suitcases I can muster since everything I'll need for the next 14months will need to fit in there.

Hum I suppose that rules out an airlift too?
Actually our big car isn't much bigger, a Z3, you can fit two rolling flight attendent bags in the boot but thats it.
If I'm still around, and I most likely will be, I could give you a ride. I've got a Honda Accord so there's a little more room than the beamer. But you have to bring me a six pack of VB or Coopers!


When I was in Brisbane, I heard a local call VB by it's local derogatory name....V#$@^$#$ Backwash.


It was at a Brisbane Lion vs. Adelaide Crows(?) game...
I'd take MB too, but F@#& the fosters though.

Fosters is Australian for "crap".

Actually, Coopers (the red label) was my favorite. It's got just that little bit of yeast in the bottom.

Oh yeah, you can leave the Vegemite there too. Or is that what the second suitcase will be filled with? If so, I feel sorry for your roomates.

heard a local call VB by it's local derogatory name....V#$@^$#$ Backwash.

[/ QUOTE ]

Yeah that's typical of a Queenslander, they only drink XXXX (four ex) there. I've been known to throw back the odd VB or two but even to this day it's the only beer that makes me feel seedy the next day, even if it was only 2 or 3.

was at a Brisbane Lions vs. Adelaide Crows game

[/ QUOTE ]
Yeah that would be right, gold ole AFL, mainly a Victorian thing, other states mainly follow rugby and they refer to AFL as 'aeral ping-pong' haha, but it's definatly faster paced (and more enteraining) than rugby! I lived in Victora longer than anywhere else.

As for vegemite, yeah I might bring some along, least I know that's one item of my food that my room mates won't be eating!

Gee an MG or a Z3 or a Civic? darn why do I have to have so much luggage?!
Ok well thanks for all the offers guys, I'll let you know what's happening closer to the date (wed 1st October) in reguards to flight times and luggage.
I liked Carlton Cold.

I just brewed some beer, when I bottle it I'll save the yeast cake and you can salt it (Vegimite).
Hey Dave you still extending that offer for a ride from Melbourne to Vero Beach? Arrival date is Wednesday 1st October, sometime in the early afternoon on either a Delta MD-80 or CRJ. Don't think I can get you a 6pack of VB but surely some other brand of your choice. Let me know, if not I think there's a shuttle of some kind that goes there.