HH-NAV/COM - Help!


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Any suggestions on the type of HH-NAV/COM I should buy? I have put this off for a while and decided I better get one before my luck runs out.

Any suggestions of which one and the best place to pick one up would be great.


I got a ICOM A-22 from marvgolden.com. If I were to do it over again I wouldn't spend the extra cash for the NAV function. I have had to use my HH Comm twice though, so it has been very helpful.

I have the A-22 and I highly recommend it. Mine has the NAV function included and it is overall a great handheld. The batteries last a while, too.
The new Vertex Standard (aka Yaesu) VXA-700 "Spirit" looks quite interesting as well. I've had a Yaesu 2-meter (amateur band) radio for many years and lemme tell you, Yaesu/Vertex knows how to build a rugged radio! The ads say the VXA-700 is even submersible for up to 30 minutes.