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My wife has been unable to beat the airsick bug. She doesn't want to keep taking dramamine because of drowysness. Ginger didn't do it either. Any other suggestions? Do those watch things work?
your gonna think im crazy but this works:

when she gets airsick have her hold a pen straight out in front of herself in her non writing hand, and have her stare straight out the windscreen....please ask if this doesnt make sense.


I have the same problem, my wife gets sick when it's rough but we use Bodine. If you take a whole tablet it will definitely make you drowsy, but you only really need about a quarter of each tablet. So i would suggest cutting back the dosage 1/2 tablet 1/4 tablet and the effects are much less noticable.

Dude, get her the Relief Band. I had the exact trouble when starting my IFR training. I bought one and have yet to get sick since that time. The emit a slight tingling electric charge and you will not get sick. There are 5 different settings and I have only dialed it to a 3 one time. I can do steep turns, unusual attitude recovery, all in turbulence and never get sick. You can find them online costing anywhere from $85-$110. Avshop has them for $85 check em out you will not regret it.
My fiance gets car sick very easily, which translates into "Almost always gets airsick." We got one of those relief bands, and it has worked all but maybe one time. They are definitely worth the money. One more piece of advice, get the gel to put on the electrodes. someone told us you could just get them wet with spit, but that doesn't work near as well as the gel stuff.
Cool thanks guys! I was unsure of spending that kinda dough on something I was unsure of. But before I buy one has anybody any unsucessful stories about them?
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Besides ginger, lemon, spearmint, and lavander are said to help. If she needs more ideas have her look up morning sickness relief cause they usually work for both.
They make relief bands that aren't electronic that I have always found to work really well. I haven't flown with them, but my mom uses them and has never had a problem (she did previously). They cost less then $20 I think.