HELP! Downloadable FAR/AIM?


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I am getting ready to fly a long way and was hoping to download a FAR/AIM for my reading pleasure.Does anyone know of an online FREE copy?
You can view each part of the regs on one page, download it to view later? Even convert it to a pdf pretty easily (there's a plugin for Firefox called PDF Download, lets you "save page as pdf"

For example the whole part 61 on one page:

Rinse/repeat for whatever other parts you want to view.

Sweet, in a matter of seconds I loaded the add-on and saved the page as pdf. pretty slick
Apparently . . . :p
Some do. Heck, amazing as it seems, NetZero is still advertising it's dial-up :rolleyes: . And some so-called fast connections are slow. And even with fast connections, the default behavior of a lot of browsers with a pdf is to open in the browser rather than download and read it off-line - I've seen differences between the two even on new computers with high-speed connections.