Going to Memphis Tuesday


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So I've been really working hard at trying to get my resume into Pinnacle Airlines and have been talking with a lot of people with the company. I've had my resume walked in by one pilot and again by the executive director or ops.... anyway, I called him the other day and asked if I could come out to memphis and meet him and take a look at the company and facilities. He said absolutely what time is your plane getting in and I'll pick you up at the airport.....

So I guess if there are any airline pilots out there that could give me some advice on what to expect, how to be totally prepared (besides knowing everything i can about the airline) ect...that would be great. I also know i'll probably be meeting the head or pilot recruitment as well. I'm not expecting an interview, but I wouldn't be suprised if within the meeting of she kinda asks a few prilimanary questions.....

any help/advice you have would be great!!! i'm leaving tuesday morning to go there to spend the day.
RULE NUMBER ONE: WEAR A SUIT! Don't show up in blue jeans or casual clothing, no matter how buddy-buddy you are with the people you're seeing. You want to project a professional image if you have an interest in working for this company, and your attire is where that begins.

Be prepared to ask intelligent questions, of course, and pay attention when people are talking to you. Collect business cards and have some to pass out, if possible. Know important facts about the company, like aircraft types operated (CRJ only) and pilot bases (DTW, MEM, MSP).

Good luck and enjoy!

I live here in Memphis, and I instruct at a local FBO. Three of our instructors have gone to fly wit Pinnacle in the last year. The last instructor is in class now to fly CRJs. You probably will meet Stephanie Grantham, she is the head of HR there. Very nice lady. All the instructors that are flying for them tell me to be just yourself, be confident in your abilities and expirience, friendly, and the suit is a must. Black or Navy Blue.

Good Luck.

Lest us know how it went.
On a not-so-related note...

My parents still live in Memphis, and I'll probably wind up moving back there when I'm done with flight training. The whole no rent thing is a big plus.
I'll probably be there in Jan visiting for a bit.