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Long story short, I'm reassembling my life as it all got shot to hell back in August, and I think I'm doing a decent job at it, but all of it changed my flight perspectives a bit.

Current plan:
My new job is at a flight school working dispatch. Soon, I'll start my IR -> Everything-but-ATP training. From there, I'll probably instruct for 2-3 years to build hours.

After that, I should have decent hours for various regionals, but what's the deal with freight/cargo? I know there are feeder carriers, but is there a comparable route to the airlines' Training -> Regionals -> Majors route?

For a guy who knows nothing about the cargo/freight, what's the intro information? What should I be looking for/at, where should I be looking for it and what should I be prepared for?

I don't have a wife/family/kids, I don't have ties, or any real big limiting factors for the crazy night schedule. Cargo/freight seems like it could be really cool even if you look solely at the chances to fly unique aircraft/routes.

Anything you have to offer would be greatly appreciated. Basically, where do I start, and what should I be looking for?
you have half of the plan figured out already, being a flight instructor is a great way to build time till you get to about 1500. at that point i'd basically try to get hired with a company that flies jets. you might have to start out somewhere else that flies pistons first but it will help you get to the next level, being what the market will be the next few years. turbo jet pic is what it really is all about. the more you have the more jobs you will be qualified for. many people have and will go from a cargo company to a major. i know quite a few guys that have done it. but they were all jet captains prior.