Finally, SOLO!


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Hey guys, Just thought I would share with you all that I finally SOLOED today and it was a straight up blast!

I have seen these "I soloed" posts on here from time to time and figured it is finally my turn to make one.

I have been trying to solo my last 4 lessons but kept getting cxld due to high winds (Colorado). Well finally this morning I went out with my instructor from BJC (which is a very busy airport that seems even busier now with 2 of its 3 runways closed) and we headed a few miles north up to Longmont airport. We did a few touch n goes and I handled them well so after about three of those we taxiied over to the ramp and shut the aircraft down. My instructor got out and gave me the reigns. After a few last second tips I was ready. I was feeling totally confident but when I closed the door with just myself in there I admit it was a pretty nervous feeling. I cranked her up and headed out to the runway.

When I got on the runway I stopped and looked at all my gauges and figured it was now or never and as soon as I pushed the throttle in all the way the nervousness was out the window and I was feeling totally confident again. I started my roll, did my checks, Airspeed is alive, Static RPM, looked over at the engine gauges but wait holy crap I feel the plane rotating already! I looked down the runway and took off. I checked the engine gaugues and all was well. I was finally flying! I couldnt believe how the 172S floated off the RW so soon.

I came around flew the pattern perfectly and then made a pretty good landing. A bit too close to a 3 pointer though. It was kinda hard to get back down without the extra weight. Did a touch n go and my next landing was absolutely perfect and the one after that wasn't bad either!

It was soooo cool to look over to the empty seat and know that you are doing this on your own. The aviation bug has truly bit me now and it feels great! I can't wait to get up there and do it again on monday!

Thanks for reading, and for all you guys that are where I was a year ago riding that .6 hours in your logbook as it collects dust and reading posts like this, go for it! It is truly worth it!

Tim Samples
Congrats Tim! Now after you solo a few more times you'll do your cross countries and have your certificate in no time.
Son, soloing an aircraft is serious business....It should be taken very serioulsy, I don't know what you mean when you say it was "sooooo cool." You must have meant it was impressive the feeling of autonomy given by this privaledge recently bestowed upon you by your CFI and the FAA.

Just kidding....COOL! Welcome to the club.
Son, soloing an aircraft is serious business....It should be taken very serioulsy, I don't know what you mean when you say it was "sooooo cool." You must have meant it was impressive the feeling of autonomy given by this privaledge recently bestowed upon you by your CFI and the FAA.

[/ QUOTE ]

OMG I was wanting reach through the screen and choke Baronman!!!
Too Funny

Thanks guys! it really was a blast... I am slightly bumbed out right now though because my next lesson is monday and i just found out that the President is flying into the area during that time.

CRAP! doesnt that mean there is a TFR for my area now?

Oh well, i guess we shall see.

Thanks again!
First off, Tims, Way to go! First Solo is a memory as precious as Marriage, first child, etc! ( I don't know first hand but have heard from other pilots)

Just a quick word of caution. Now that you are "cut loose" to go out and practice alone, FOLLOW A PLAN! After getting signed off to solo in the practice area, I would just go out and fart around for an hour and come back. After wasting countless dollars I see my mistake. Now, I have a preflight breifing of about 30 minutes to an hour. Call the local FSS, get the weather, Review the manuevers you are going to practice that flight write up the procedures if they are not already in print for you to take along. Next, Go out there and have a great time! Follow your plan and don't dabble around between manuevers. Ussually, I reward myself after an hour of flying and doing different manuevers by going back to the airport and doing a few touch and go's!

Again, Don't waste your hard earned money, set a plan, and go out and accomplish it. After following my own plan, I felt 200% better about myself and where my money was going after finishing my solo lesson...


I have to be off....takin the FAA written tommorow morn!
Good job. I soloed in June a glider. I'm only 14 so i still have a while till i solo powered oh well.
congrats!! I soloed this past June and it was such a rush. Just wait till you start Solo XC's...that is where the real fun begins
have fun man
thanks alot guys, I had my second solo today and that was pretty good stuff! I did go out to the practice area and tried a few steep turns and slow flight but my steep turns weren't that steep and my slow flight wasn't that slow. At any rate I headed back to the crowded airspace of BJC and snuck in but my landing was pretty bad. kinda skipped my round out and ended up bouncing pretty hard, ballooned up and then held on for the ride.


I kinda realized exactly what you were saying. Make the flight worth it and try to get as much out of it as you can!

I think today I was just happy that i was able to stay on top of everything. I still need some work on my touch and goes and other little stuff but I figure I will have plenty of time to get up and work in the practice area.

The advise on the preflight is a good as gold! I will definetly be doing that soon as should everyone.

Take care everyone!