Embry Riddle VS. Florida Institute of Technology.


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I am currently a student at Embry Riddle in Florida. I have no clue about the other one. But I can tell you that Embry Riddle is a very good school. It is very expensive though. I can tell you that the whole flying kinda sucks right now. They have been having problems with Flight instructors because as soon as they get them they leave to go to commuters or whatever. I mean the flying there is pretty tuff but it it the best, the planes are all really good and quality of flying is good. You will run into problems with taxing because we are in class C arispace it takes a while to get out to the practice areas and then a while with taxing which is more money out of your pocket. The school itself is good though Teacher student ratio is good the teachers are mostly good. I would recommend having your Private before attending only because it is cheaper away form here and doesn't really matter all that much. I would however get all yout other ratings on campus. You might get the Riddle Run around but it really is a great school. It is very expensive so be prepared for that. I personally wouldn't go anywhere else just because it is the best and the aviation world knows that so it looks a lot better when you are putting in a resume and it says ERAU rather than Florida Institure of Technology if you get my drift. I can tell you that there are absolutly no girls at Embry Riddle and that is a big problem. But I guess it also keeps you out of trouble. Well I hope I helped you out and goodluck.
Hi. I'm a new member on this cool web-site. I am 18 years old, and am planning to become a pilot. I have been accepted to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and Florida Institue of Technology's flight/aeronautical science programs. However, I can not choose between either college, because they both seem good. Can anyone help me with my problem. Please state why you would choose one over the other.

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Thank you very much!! -Erik L.
Thanks Flyby17 for the reply. Now, is there anyone out there whom might be able to shed some light on Florida Institute of Technology? I'm still covering this website for FIT info, however, I haven't seen any talk about it. I'm really concerned about the educational aspect of the colleges. I can now see that airlines are familiar with ERAU. Flyby17, what other college's did you consider, and did you have your private pilot licence before you arrived at ERAU? (I'm only considering these two colleges).
If someone talks about FIT, can you identify yourself, so that I can know from which direction the opinion is coming from (not to be rude or anything).

Thanks in advance. -Erik L.
Hey Erik,
I visited FIT about a year and a half ago and I was very impressed. Eventhough I didn't get accepted I had respect for the school and what it had to offer. I got an introductory flight in a Warrior and it was awsome. Aircraft are very well maintained and instructors were very friendly. Class size was pretty small, usually 10-13:1 student to instructor ratio. There is all kinds of hi-tech equip. in the classrooms to make learning more of a hands on experience. Very nice facilities and friendly staff.
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Erik, greetings from another Erik!

I have decided on attending ERAU in Daytona Beach as a first choice, but that's if I can get accepted. As far as I can predict, I will be able to get in, but first I have to apply and do the essay. I am trying to find out exactly what it is I need as far as General Education in order to transfer credits, otherwise, I plan on starting from ground zero. I may go sometime around mid to late month of May for a visit, and would like to get together with anyone who is planning a visit to that area. I'll be arriving in Orlando and more than likely renting a car.

This is all going to cost big $$$$$, but I believe it's 1000% worth it because being able to put ERAU on a resume is a big plus.

Erik R.
I keep hearing different perspectives on whether airlines look at different colleges or not. At this point, I want a good education, and I feel that ERAU can provide me the best education.

Well I am currently a student @ ERAU and I transfered to ERAU and I am not satisfied with the education I am getting at the world's only "Aeronautical" University. I am going to be a senior and the only reason I am still in ERAU is because of my class status and if I transfer elsewhere my credits will be lossed. I highly recomend you to get ALL of your ratings befre you go to the school. Many students who fly at ERAU fly by the book rather than by experience. For checkrides you have to wait too long and your instructors are changed about three times. I did start one of my certificates at ERAU and I liked that they use flows like airlines do. Its your choice if you want to go to ERAU or not but this is my opinion. It has been better for others and others have good opinions about the institution. I am not disencouraging you, this is just my opinion.