Current Pan Am Students messaage board



I would request that only currently enrolled students at Pan Am use this board for what ever they want.

I apologize to alumni. Nothin but love fo ya!
Why???? What's the point of that? No one should be silenced. Everyone has a voice. That is fair and it also keeps things honest. If you have a request about the website, I suppose you should email Doug or one of the moderators, but I don't really see the point in having a thread that is only for "currently enrolled" students. In fact, it even sounds a little arrogant to me. Just my two cents worth.
Oops! I just read all those posts and I'm not a PanAm. Are you going to beat me up now? /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif
I think Fukoki has a great idea here. I think this board should be for current students to give their opinions and their perception of things now. All the posts I read on here are either of past students, or people who haven't even attended Pan Am before. I think this forum should be used by current students to show whats going on NOW, rather then what was going on a year or so ago, so anyone who is curious about Pan Am, can read this board and get a more accurate picture of whats going on NOW, and be able to make a better informed decision!
Here is an Idea,

Have Pam Am host their own message board for students.

Until that point any atempt tor suggestion to limit participation is silly.
hey Eagle.. I think it makes more sense ( like you said).. to have currrent Pan am students talk about what they think of Pan Am, their experience, the good, the bad , what they love most about the school, what they hate the most... for future students to view.. like Socal from ATP board, and Dakovich form this Board ..

Blocking people out is just going to bring drama... And I think their's enough drama on this board already...
I love the drama though. Like a little electronic soap opera everyday I look forward to reading the post about Pan Am. What fun...
The drama is great, I laugh and cry every night as I read the new messages. /ubbthreads/images/icons/tongue.gif

I agree that it would be nice to have a forum for current students to discuss current issues, but it can't be done here at jetcareeers. It's a public forum and everyone, with PanAm ties or not, has the right to post their opinion.

If we want a private forum, someone could create one somewhere, maybe on yahoo. There we could discuss what to buy at the bookstore, what to buy elsewhere, what books to buy, where to live, our opinions on policies, etc etc. I don't agree with everything PAIFA does, but I don't want to mention that here and add fuel to the anti-PanAm fire.

I'll still watch this forum if we have a private forum. I like reading the drama every night and I'll try to defend my school when I can.
heres an idea...

if you have a question....POST IT

if you had an expereince you want to talk about...POST IT

if you just want to shoot the crap....POST IT

if you want to complain....POST IT

try as best you can to stick to whatever topic the particular thread is discussing. expect the usual comments here and there, ignore them if they don't pertain, and keep the QUALITY discusion rolling. i think that is the premis of this site, and its a good one. wheres the love?
Hey panamguy,
Being that I can barely type, no less set up a discussion page on yahoo, there is no way i could get something like that up. Do yo have the know how to set something like that up? any ideas on how to keep the names anonymous and the administrators out?
I set up a message board on YAHOO but it might be a pain to use. It is kind of hard to find. I will PM you with the location.
Nah, just feel free to use this site. I set it up primarily for open discussion.

The flight schools made the choice not to participate in the forums so it's all yours.

Any advice from you pan amers out there how to handle the instrument class. Yes, yes, yes, Mav, Pan Am sucks I know. So about that instrument class.....

I am thinking of studying ahead of time so that the learning curve isn't too steep during ground school.

any input would be helpful.

PS I already know that PAn Am sucks and they rip you off and FBO's rule.