Back to 121 / eating my words


Old enough to have watched Wings live on TV.
Well, figured you folks should know that after 9 years flying corporate I have accepted a job back in the 121 world. Many of you know that this has taken several months of soul searching. The decision has been gut wrenching and terrifying. Quitting a good job in exchange for one that will result in a big pay cut and a challenging commute (until we move) is not something I enter into lightly.

Being a corporate pilot was an amazing job and has perks and benefits that many airline pilots can only dream of. There are some negatives though, and those negatives began to outweigh the positives as I got older. Still, submitting my resignation was emotional, terrifying, and sad.

Thank you to those of you who have reached out to offer help and advice. I'll probably need your pep talks many times this year as I struggle with commuting, crashpads, and getting back into the airline lifestyle.

I won't discuss the reasons in public, but I'm always available to chat with the morbidly curious via pm or on the phone. If you just want to tell me i am brain dead, don't bother. I have a wife and a really sad little boy for that right now.

Here's hoping furlough #5 isn't looming over the horizon.

I figured you were looking at going back to 121 when it started to look like the negatives were outweighing the positives at your current employer. I know you posted several times about contemplating going back to 121. Congrats on the decision and I hope it works out this time around.
I always thought corporate pilots dreamed of 121 perks. Anyways, good luck with everything.