ATP vs Ari-Ben


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So can anyone tell me why I'd want to pay 10 grand more at ATP? I realize that hat includes the hotels for x-country, newer planes and the citaion ride, but what else is the difference?


PS Also, will an RJ fit a pilot of 6'7"??
In my opinion(and I will add that I haven't been to either yet) positives at both:

1. you will finish quicker.
2. More locations, will do true cross countries
3. More locations, may meet more people as you instruct

1. Less money
2. Is approved for GI Bill
3. Based on what luftpost says, you will instruct right away
4. Your motivation controls pace through the program.
5. I know if I instruct with them that it will be in Ft Pierce( I have family in Vero)
6. As a VA student, my timebuilding will not have any shared time.
Finish faster at ATP? If you are motivated you can finish just as fast at the Aviator. You set the pace you can handle, as fast or slow as you want.
forgot nicer aircraft and superior maintenance at ATP.
$$$$$$$10,000. that is a lot of money. you could hop a plane to vegas and put it all on 17 black or you could buy a nice saab or hit up the black pearl on ladies night
No, No, $10,000? You could get a nice bubble chevy with 24's and cruise the strip on AVE D. Or maybe get the penthouse suite at Sabal Chase. oh yeah!
It's all about the money...$10,000 more is a lot to spend on the same type of training. We used to have a joke at the aviator. If you want to spend $80,000 on your flight training, thats fine, we can do that. We'll give your entire pro- course training and a brand new corvette. (pro-course $25k + corvette $55k =$ 80,000.) Why waste the money?