Appropriate dress?


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What's appropriate attire on registration day before classing up?

Tie? Khakis?

I'm thinking so, if you look @ FSI as a potential employer.

Khakis & a nice shirt will be fine. That was the recommendation that I received from admissions for my orientation day. I have seen people show up looking like slobs, what the heck went through their heads? It still amazes me that some people here don't know how to use an iron, they come to school looking like they slept in their uniform! So much for ending the draft, now large numbers of American men don't know how to properly present themselves.

'naut <--- has to finish a. m. cup of coffee & press a shirt
Funny you say that . . . same thought I had when I visited. The class I was in over half of the guys looked like they slept 2 or 3 nights in their shirts, unshaven, looked rough. Not like someone I would hire.
I agree, you're going to be taken through the academic building and admin. building, definitely don't come in your white t-shirt, the one with the mustard stain...I'd suggest khakis with a nice short sleeve shirt. No tie needed, unless of course you love to sweat...