Anybody know anything about Dynamic Aviation?


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Yeah, I've come across them before. They bought a King Air I used to fly. See them pretty often on climbto350.

Their website says: "We routinely provide aircraft to accomplish a variety of missions including Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance; Airborne Data Acquisition; Fire Management; Aerial Application and Sterile Insect Technique. Customers include federal, state and local governments; non-profit research organizations and private corporations."

In terms of crews, the site says "Dynamic Aviation requires pilots with Beechcraft King Air 90 experience for precise all-weather flying at US and international locations. Assignments require travel away from home for up to 90 days at a time. Complex assignments, diverse customer requirements and varied flight conditions provide challenging and interesting work for talented and disciplined pilots.".

Read in between the lines, I'd say they operate in hot spots.


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They have a high turnover of pilots from what I understand. You will be flying most likely is some overseas spots that most tourists don't visit. From what I understand the pay is good while flying in those areas, not so hot back in VA. They do hire a lot of low time guys as well. PM if you would like for some more feedback.


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Talked to them a while back. Should have taken the job.

They have several different divisions doing many different type of things from aerial mapping all over the world to some other things in western asia. So you need to figure out what type of work they're hiring for.

I was looking into the stuff in western asia. Pay was good, though I cant remember what it was...15K a month I think. 90 days on 90 days off with tickets home or wherever you wanted to go.

When you were at work you stayed on a military base and flew every other day.

You did have to go through some special training...Survival training, some small weapons training etc.

Dont think youll be dropping bombs or anything like that.....youll be droning around up high. From what I remember they've never lost an airplane or anything like that.

Oh yah most of there planes are retired military KingAirs so many of them are unpressurized.

Let me know if you have any specific questions.