Air National Guard


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Hi everyone! This is my first post here, so i guess i should introduce myself first
I am 17 years old, and i have just finished up my private pilot training, and got my license in October. I hope to fly with either the majors, or one of the fractional ownership ones (such as NetJets, etc..)...i havent decided which would be best for me yet. I am also going to apply for an ANG pilot slot starting my senior year of college (I am a senior in high school now). I have read a lot about the ANG both on these boards, and other sources, but i have not been able to get one good explanation of how everything works. I was hoping that someone here could explain all of these things (such as the application process, requirements, training, dutys, etc...). I do know a pilot of an F-16 located at KSYR with the 174th, which is what i want to fly (also where i want to fly). Thank you so much for your suggestions, comments, and thoughts!


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Right now, the best thing you can do is enlist with them, and start kissing @ss while working your own @ss off. Get good grades in college, and a ppl. Then when you graduate you'll have your college, ppl, and 4 years of service to that unit.
If you have done good those 4 years, you'll get a slot. If you jack up and they don't like you, then nothing is going to help you. Join and make yourself.


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Thanks for the reply! I am not sure how i would do that because i am going to be going to college in Ohio, but the unit i would like is in New York. I dont think there is any way around that, is there? Also, when would i enlist, and how would i go about doing that? If i was accepted, what would that entail (what kind of training, after training, etc...). I am still a bit confused on how it all!
Thanks again!!