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In the current economic times and AA is faceing, you would think they would treat their loyal customers well, but they seem to treat their loyal customers worse in poor economic times. I just called to get an award ticket from LAX-MEX. In the past I have been able to call up for an award ticket and tell them what flight I wanted and exactly what seat I wanted and I got it. Now they tell me the only flights that they are giving awards for arrive at midnight. Midnight does me no good, and now they charge you to change you ticket, this is also new for award travel. I guess they want to give the good tickets to paying people. But i figure I flew over 30,000 miles to get that award, I guess my next 30,000 will go to Delta.
I bet doug likes that idea.
Yeah, but you're going to have to fly LAX-ATL-MEX!

I'd probably rather arrive at midnight!
What level member are you. I am platinum and they never give me any hassle. Heck I had one FA want to set me up with her daughter, NOW THAT IS SERVICE!!!!
Well as it is I have to go though DFW, and in July after a full day of midwest summer storms will most likely be delayed. I am just the regular member, maybe I should try for an higher level. Or just go with earning miles on STAR or Skyteam and then fly nonstop on AeroMexico or Mexicana.
when ever I or anyone else posts, you always reply quickly. It makes me wonder if you really work. Or when you have time for your wife.
Nah, I'm just studying for recurrent and my laptop is nearby on my desk.

Plus, I've been "monitoring" another forum for updates.
Yeah, when I go to Mexico with AA I always go through DFW. Whenever I fly United I seem to often go directly from LAX to MEX. Everytime I go to Costa Rica from SMF I cut through DFW. DFW seems to be the main stopover before going to Latin American countries.
Boo hoo.. can't get the award ticket on the exact day you want? The exact seat?? Welcome to the real world! Compared to other airlines, AA rocks on award availability. Try Delta or especially Continental, and you'll be in for a rude awakening.
am just the regular member, maybe I should try for an higher level.

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Even before I was platinum AA was great to me. I got free upgrades, after missing a flight (by a day no less) the re-routed me no problems, etc. They were just super helpful.

But now it is even better. I put a seat on hold for a trip to Australia in August. I asked if it was possible to have a really long lay over in Sydney on the way back. I was hoping for 6 hours plus, she organized it so I had a day and a night in Sydney so I can really go and see the town!

I just think they are the greatest!!
Wow, you've got some serious expectations. If they don't have seats at the exact time you want to go, they don't have seats. Maybe if you couldn't get something REASONABLE every time you tried to book a ticket, you might have a valid complaint. I'm usually happy when I can get something on the day I want to go on an award ticket--especially on an int'l flight. Try getting an award flight to Europe in the summer--you'll see what I mean. I think I can reasonably assure you that things aren't much better anywhere else, except maybe WN--but WN ain't gonna get you to MEX at all.

I've got a few miles stored away for a rainy day and I've gotta agree that the change fee isn't great, but in the scope of things it's a non issue.

Good luck getting something that works with your schedule to MEX.
Try getting an award flight to Europe in the summer--you'll see what I mean.

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Geez, AA must like me!! I have done that more then once with no problems! I might be lucky as I am quite easy to please, if they get me there I am fine!