A drive to und!!!!


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Has anyone ever driven to und? If you have was it a fun good time and when you got there was it real cool like it supposevely is? Just wondering because im going to be driving up there or flying for 20$ on NWAirlink.And i think taking a drive would be best does anyone have the same opinion as me?????P.S. I without a doubt cant wait!!!

derek L.or mr.pilot im 15

If you can non-rev on Mesaba I would recomend getting up here that way. I assume you are coming from the MSP area, so you are looking at about a 5 hour drive each way. With gas costing $1.65 per gallon it would be cheeper to fly, and far less boring. I have mad that drive several times and trust me it is not very exciting.

When are you comming up? Are you planing on taking a tour? Have you set up any meetings durring your trip?

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Hey man, if you'd be coming from the Twin Cities, and you have a chance to fly...do it! It's a helluva boring drive...made it way too many times. Next week I'll be going up there for my final CFI stagecheck, and I've driven that route one too many times...so I'm renting a C150 and flying! Then that'll be my last time in Grand Forks before late August, since I'm on an internship in St Louis this semester. Let us know how you like UND.
Dont worry both of you ill get on it as soon as i return or better yet maybe ill meet one of you while iam touring the facility!!!!

derek L.or mr.pilot im 15