When is colgan getting the next 15 Q's?


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I've heard a couple different things about the next Q delivery. I've heard September of 2009 from one person, I heard from another that they're slated for delivery in late 2009 but the company is saying 2010 because they'll probably be delays, and I've also heard 3rd quarter of 2010.... does anybody know which one is right?


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from the mouth of buddy casey

First quarter 2010. thats what he told us in the safety meeting.

but according to company memo today, with ALPA we will never get another airplane....... ha


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June of 2010 for number 16. We had 09' slots but dumped them for the "next gen" meaning bigger overhead compartments.


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Beginning of 2010... the beginning of mass upgrades, and street captains again? Tune in next week to find out.


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What is next week?
More rumors spread by me? I dunno. Haha

I do predict however that if we do start getting the next batch of Qs beginning of 2010 and have them all by summer 2010 and placed with an airline, the upgrades will go through the roof. Considering right now we are upgrading around 4 a month. I just hope by that time though that everyone with enough seniority to upgrade will have the time.


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This talk about taking Q options is great, but............


Peter Hunt and Phil T. both said in the earning conference call- they will not take options without a place to put them. They are "seriously considering" taking the options, but we haven't seen a definitive press release.

Vote ALPA.