When did you solo?


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Just wondering...I solo'd at 13.1 Hours...And keep in mind, we may ask for proof from the wiener...
I mean winner!
I soloed back in July 1999 (the 10th to be exact)! I could not tell you how many hours I had without looking it up!
Feb. 5th, 1999. I had 50 some hours though, cause I wasn't 16 yet when I started training.

I have a student right now that I might solo within the next few hours, and he's only got like 8 right now. If only all my students could be like that...
december 26, 2001, with 14.8 hours. wasn't expecting to do it on that day, but i guess it was a christmas present from my cfi.
7.5 hrs in '86, woefully underprepared for most in-flight emergencies. I'm glad they do it differently now.
I can't remember, but it was after Aloft! March 1988?
July 2000!

I remember that on my third and last landing I got to land parallel to a HUGE FedEx A300.

I can't immagine how nervous my instructor must have been; as I was his first solo
April 7th, 2001, N5357P, Maine Aviation Flight School based at PWM, Class C Airspace, 16.8 hours. My Wife and CFI watched and videotaped from the tower!
Can't do that now after 9/11.

Taxi'd out behind a Northwest (Mesaba) CRJ-200. It's a day that ranks up there in my top three after the birth of my child and my wedding day!

Whoa, looks like it took me awhile...

April 27, 2002. 27 hours.

I'll blame my performance on the airport:
2400 feet long
50 feet wide
No glide slope aids
River abuts one end
Highway abuts other end
One way landing (great fun with tailwind)
Oh and I started in the winter
Almost beat ya. I soloed in roughly 23 hours. Keep in mind that this was based upon ERAU syllabus times. *Dodges flying rocks and bottles*
Finally at 17.2, shoulda did it around 10 or 11, but either my instructor was very cautious in signing me off or she was instructed to juice me for more of my loan money. I prefer to think of the latter as the reason.