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Well, since his post got hijacked, I thought we would try this again.

Welcome Avi8er10!

And here is who Avi8er10 is:


I am new to this board and I just wanted to say HI. I am a Private Pilot with Instrument rating in pursuit of my Commercial. I enjoy reading the posts in this website and find them extremely informative. Just wanted to introduce myself.

Welcome to Jetcareers, Avi8er10!!!!!
We hope that you learn lots, and meet great people!!!! Have fun, and glad to meet you!!!
Hey Avia8er10, where are you at in Illinoise. I live in davenport across the river from the Quad City airport (KMLI).

Anyway, welcome to the board.

Welcome, you can sit back and enjoy the show or get involved and be part of the show. You can certainly learn alot about aviation and other things on this board.

By the way, the Chunk and Eagle show is by far the funniest!
Welcome aboard Andy!! Sorry your original thread went the wrong direction... it's all fun and games till everyone starts taking it too seriously...

You'll find this board full of soap opera drama (squawk box)!! but, you'll also find a lot of material you can learn from as well (all the other forums)....