Visiting Dallas, Monday 3/8, 1:00

Hi there Justin,

Saw you on the schedule... There will be one more person with you for your Tour at 1:00. Expect to take about an hour for the tour.

Bring your questions!

Everything went well; the pipers looked very well kept and maintained. Hope to be flying one soon! Didn't get to see the apartments, but oh well, all in all seems like a good place.
I'm glad you liked it.

I had an interview scheduled for Tomorrow in ATL at 1, but I had to reschedule because my dad wants to fly down with me and he's having some sim training today and tomorrow..

Maybe next week..

I plan on going to Dallas though, for schooling..
Yeah everything seemed pretty cool, I mean if you are dedicated...where else can you get those ratings in 90 days!
Captain Bob how are things going in the Big D? Is that location busy? I start the PPL on the 5th and as of right now have no location for the ACPP picked out.
How many hours a week are you flying?
Captain Bob - I should hopefully be there soon in April.. I'm aiming for the 14th or so...
Bap327: Congrats on starting on the 5th! You are going to have a great time in Jax! I personally am flying about 15-20 hours a week on average. But I'm thinking it's going to pick up now that Spring is here... although that's thunderstorm season here in Texas.

Tram: April is a great time to start! Should get most of your training done before the heat of the summer kicks in! I started in July and probably lost a few pounds from the heat! LOL! Anyway, Hope to see you then!