Valencia, Spain


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Been awhile since I've posted anything... these are from late last month (look for a few more sets in the near future).

Sampling to follow, but the whole set can be found:






The thread is useless without pics with the girls turned around! ;)

Everything else though is magnificent! Beautiful shooting! Just get it right the next time, okay?
I'll be departing JFK for a 48 hr VLC on monday. Where can a brother find a beer? :)
Great Pics as Always.....Love the architecture.
I'll be departing JFK for a 48 hr VLC on monday. Where can a brother find a beer? :)

I highly recommend the Portland Ale House. The owners are American/Spanish (born in Spain, grew up in Portland, returned to Spain to open this bar).

Many beers on tap for 2 Euro, they magically refill themselves sometimes.... the owners are Mauricio and Ester Mata, tell them I sent you. They even said they're gonna brew a "Delta Ale"...

Calle Salamanca, 10
Valencia, Spain, 46005
(when you click on the map our hotel is by the art center so you can see it's walkable but bus/cab is a better option for old town)

They also have a facebook fan page...

There are several Tapas places in that neighborhood as well.
Great view on the beach.:) The shots of the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias deserve some credit as well.

Now I need to find a way to take that trip.
Yea, you're probably right...hell, I didn't even know there was another beach picture till this morning! (I made the first post lastnight)