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Hi All-
I've been wondering lately about the significance of a type rating, and what this special rating actually allows you to do. I read a lot about schools that will give you a type rating in this, that and the other plane, but the only info I could find in the FAR's was something about a type rating in a certain plane will only allow you to fly that model of plane, or a few other models very simliar to that one. My question I guess is, if I were to get a type rating in a Citation, would I then be qualified to fly Lear, and Falcon, etc. jets, or just that one specific model of jet??? I'm sure this is all spelled aout somewhere, but I haven't seen it. Could you point me in the right direction, or give me some insight. And, is it ever beneficial to pay for a type rating, or do pilot's usually get them by working and flying a specific aircraft? Thanks for you help!
the type rating is aircraft model specific.

A citation TR will allow you to fly *most* of the 500 series. depending of course on which one you get.

IN the Lear there are some models that are interchangable, or you can get added on with differences training.

having a TR without a job to fly that aircraft is a huge waste of cash.

and paying to get your TR to get a job... is also a waste of $
Ya need a type rating for any airplane with at Max Gross Takeoff Weight of 12,500 pounds or more, and also any airplane that is jet powered.

What about helicoptors? I heard that you only need a checkout to fly all the choppers...any truth to that?
Sounds like a catch 22. You need a TR to fly anything over 12,500 lbs. You shouldn't get a type rating without having a job and an aircraft to actually fly, but how do you get a job flying an aircraft that requires a type rating without having that type rating... is that something most/all companies hiring pilots will pay for? Or do they hire based on the condition that you will pay for your own type rating for their aircraft? How do new pilots get new jobs flying bigger and better planes? Thanks for the info!!

first of all no one hires someone off the street as PIC without them having been an SIC.

Plenty of companies DO hire SICs

you fly SIC for a cpl of years, and the company will pay to send you to FS, or simuflight, OR you can do a check ride with the FAA.

Some companies who have the bucks will type both the PIC and the SIC. but for the average company that is way tooooo much money
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