switching instructors


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I'm looking for thoughts and opinions. Should I stay with the same instructor throughout the program or switch just for the sake of a different perspective? I really like my current instructor. I am just undecided.
I stayed w/ my instructor throughout 1-5....I then had a different guy for the single engine add and CFI....I really enjoyed flying with him. Really my mentor.
As a former IP, I'd say that if you don't have a problem with your instructor, don't change. It can cause problems for your IP because if students ask to drop him, then the company starts to question why. Also, the later twin-engine Steps are kind of a reward for the IP who labors through Step 1 and is basically an accountant in Step 2.

If you have a problem with your instructor or if you just don't get what he is telling you, an IP change may help. Otherwise, if it aint' broke, don't fix it. You may wind up with someone you like a lot less and be stuck with them.
Also consider that your instructor will most probably get hired before you and provide a good link to where ever he/she works. Would you recommend one of your former students that dropped you for no reason? Just try to maintain perspective on the big picture. That being said, don't hesitate to drop a bad instructor. It is your money after all.

Good Luck.
Remember it could get worse before it gets better. If you are getting along I have to agree don't fix what isn't broken.