Switching CFII's ????


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Switching CFII\'s ????

Just wondering what others have to say regarding making a switch? I know that a student needs to take responsibility for the learning process as well, but I am curious as to what may have been the final straw for some. For the CFII's out there, if this has happened to you, what do you think lead to it? I am just about ready for my Stage 3 check (Cessna-CBT) and I feel like I may have hit a rut. was not that I wanted to have this CFII because of the way I have seen him carry himself around the FBO, but I trusted the word of the individual at the FBO and decide to give it a try. I am not knocking his knowledge or flying skills they are fine, but I am his first IFR student and I seem to have come to a standstill in my learning. Yes, I know I am just as much, if not more responsible for the learning process. Thanks in advance for any constructive thoughts/criticism's.
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Perhaps your best course of action would be to discuss this concern with your current CFII. Give the guy a chance to fix the problem. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that communication is probablly the most important thing in a Student/Instructor relationship. You have to know what he/she expects of you, and vice versa. Remember, this is YOUR training. Sometimes instructors just need a friendly reminder of that. Bottom line, don't cut the guy loose just because he is new. Cause one day you too will be a new CFII. Good luck.
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Bottom line, don't cut the guy loose just because he is new

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That really has no bearing for me. I trust his knowledge and skill but I seem to be at a standstill and was just going over my training and how I have gotten to the point I am at.

Re: Switching CFII\'s ????

Is there a way to ride in the back seat of another IRA lesson with a different CFI-I?? Its would be a easy way to see how others teach..
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Is there any way you could do one or two flights with a different instructor? In my experience, that really helps sometimes, just to get some different opinions and techniques.