Swiftair to acquire Eastern V2


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For those who don't know, one of Swift's operations is deportation flights. Hence then volume of one ways...


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Let Eastern die, seriously just let it go... This is proof positive that resurrecting a name and trying to survive on brand recognition is NOT a good business model.


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Saw a Swift 737 in ATL this morning parked on the 6 south ramp doing some kind of MX. They had a belt loader up to the cabin door and were using that to get into/out of the cabin.


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@Nick remember when we did this?
I remember a bet at the gate in a midwest outstation, as to whether or not our good ship would reach it's destination without first having to divert to Lacrosse.

I bet in favor of the diversion, and maybe you did too but maybe against as I thought I might remember you having to pay the $1 van tip penalty the next day?

That was also the day that the incoming MX call "BONG!" was intermittently occurring throughout all phases of flight.

Oh yes...conveyor belt door access at Lacrosse. Desperate times call for desperate measures.