1. safetyfirst

    7Air Cargo

    A new player in the Airlines industry Miami-based 7Air Cargo looks like they will operate B737 freighter ops like ACMI, CMI, Full Charters, Scheduled Charters, Ad-Hoc Charters, and more 🛫 How's the future looking, Is anyone interested to join as DISPATCHER or PILOT? Please add your opinions...
  2. safetyfirst

    Every Day Same Day Flight Operations

    Dispatchers/ Flight Followers/ Flt Ops, how many of you got slacked ( Rolling the wheelchairs) behind with the same thing repeating & repeating in operations? Cut Copy and Paste every time flight plan, how it's going to help us to learn something new? **ATC/Pilots have different views for...
  3. T

    Being hired with not-so great military history

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum. I have a PPL with about 160 hours. I had a question about airline hiring (or really any pilot hiring for that matter) while having a not-so perfect history. At one point in my life decided to join the US Air Force. So for context, when I was a child I was...
  4. Burrito

    Western Global looking for Flt. Followers

    Western Global Airlines - Careers Located just outside Ft. Myers, FL, if anyone's got a desire to live where climate is "Warm" or "Humid," and literally nothing else. Good luck to all who apply.
  5. 888Airman

    Forum for guys considering an aviation career change late in life

    I have been searching the web for a forum/site about older guys who have actually made the jump (or made the leap of faith :)) into the aviation field, and succeeded in forging a career. I was particularly interested in guys who where able to land jobs with the regional/ major/charter/corporate...
  6. Bear

    Can the Air Force and Airlines Collaborate for Mutual Benefit?

    some light reading at summary or detailed report.
  7. Burrito

    Swiftair to acquire Eastern V2 Bunch of Eastern 37s were returned to lessor earlier this year already.
  8. C

    QoL for Corporate vs Airlines

    My wife and I are expecting in June. I am looking for a transition with currently less than ATP mins, and many people ask me what I want to do with aviation. Looking at the future I am curious about the Quality of Life (QoL) for the different aviation segments. What is the QoL for the...
  9. NC-Sean

    Latest Skywest interview

    I posted this on willflyforfood but figured I would copy it to here too. Flown positive space to SLC Interview with 2 Captains, one CRJ one E175, both live in SLC but domiciled in DEN. 6 people interviewing, 2 young CFI guys, 2 Feeder Caravan pilots (one in his late 50s) and 1 former European...
  10. C

    Enlisted in the Coast Guard after High School

    I'm hoping to get into the airlines/regionals as fast as possible, but I want to know if I can realistically enlist in the Coast Guard straight out of high school (as an E1, not an officer), pay for a flight school with some saved USCG pay and my GI bill (something like ATP), and then go into...
  11. Burrito

    Island Airlines closes up shop

    Little 135 shop out on Nantucket, but they were lovely people to work with. Always a smile. Hope the guys there are quickly re-employed.