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Hello? Is anyone home at Flight Safety?

When is instructor hiring going to resume? Are the internships working out for anyone?

Would any of you take an internship if you were already instructing 40 hours per month?

ps - if anyone wants to know what the instructor wait time is, I've been on the list for over a year and my number hasn't movedI
I don't get that?? If they keep getting new students....who's instructing them? New students should mean new hired instructors shouldn't it??
Yikes! Well, if we go with FSI, I guess we will just pray that by the time he's done things are picking up!
I really wouldn't pin my hopes on it.

I've been here a year and it has only gotten worse. I would not choose a school based on the possibility of a job, rather on the education you will recieve, after all it is a school.
Good point, it's not like he HAS to instruct there afterwards right? Well, anyway, we are off to get on a plane, so maybe we'll give you a call while we are there, sometime on the 2 or3 rd it looks like.
I decided to not even consider it... Do you really want to be stuck in Florida any longer than you have to? Anyway Im working at my local FBO and a year after I left FSI im closing in on 1000hrs quickly and flying good aircraft. Multi time is still a little slow, but its perking along just fine.
That'g good to hear.

I'm about to be in the same boat. That is assuming I get hired. I'll be finishing up the CFI next week and then I'll do the interview. I don't have any misconceptions about how long the waiting list is so I plan on instructing elsewhere. I'm going to go ahead and do the interview anyway because it really couldn't hurt. Plus, if I get hired I'll probably stick around and do the CFII with the employee discount.

After that though, I plan on returning to Chicago, but I know that jobs are tough to come by not to mention the fact that winter will be coming sooner than later... I may try for one of the three month internships over the winter. I keep saying that I'll cross that bridge when I get to it, but it's coming up pretty soon.

So they are doing interviews then? When I interviewed (the second time) back in May, she said that May would be the last interview group for a while. Have they been doing them all along?
As far as I knew, they never stopped, but to tell you the truth I wasn't paying any attention to it... I don't think that they're interviewing out of a need for more applicants...

But, if you're on the list, you can participate in the internship thing if you like. It's not exactly the dream job, but I think that if your situation fit it, it could be a pretty decent opportunity. How's that for waffling? hehe

mmmm... waffles.


Would any of you take an internship if you were already instructing 40 hours per month?

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I have been called a couple of times now about the internships, but I'm flying a good bit so I can't see the benefit of doing it personally. I read a thread here that someone got a right seat GIV job, but their times and quals weren't mentioned. I'm on that wait list too, but I think I'd only go back if they cut that 800 min instructing time down to something much less.

If you have time to intern for FSI, why not do what FlyChicaga did and intern for an airline instead.
If you have time to intern for FSI, why not do what FlyChicaga did and intern for an airline instead.

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That sort of internship usually only comes out of University programs unfortunately...

Well, I've been tempted to get a part-time job doing whatever to get myself an "in" at a regional. The problem is picking who might be hiring when I've gotten closer to the mins. CE, Colgan, and Commutair require the least hours, but they don't do bid'ness in the south.
The training contract only applies if you want to get reimburssed for your CFII MEI right? By the time we get called back, we'll probably have all of those ratings and the training contract won't apply. Right?

When I started, they were hiring off the streets, taking anyone they could find. I know of a guy who only had his CFI/CFII. They needed multi instructors and paid for his MEI!

My how times change.
Yep...was thumbing through an old AOPA magazine here at the airport the other day and saw an ad for FSA announcing that they were interviewing for CFI positions- think they wanted 500 TT and like 100 dual given to apply.

Yes, we have some old magazines here at the airport.
I believe that even if you get called back for standardization with your CFII and you MEI, you still have to sign a contract. Now you ask, yeah so, what happens if I leave early, well they will bill you for standardization, all those flights and ground briefs cost quite a bit. THis is what I was told last February, and I am assuming it is still the case.