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Alright here's the story. I am currently going to a four year college that doesn't have an aviation program. I am only in my first semester and I'm trying to get a Journalism degree that I really don't care about or want. I really want to get into aviation at a four year college and I am very interested in SIUC. Does SIUC's Aviation Management BS count as a full 4 year degree?? What I would plan on doing is taking the 2 year AF and then taking the Aviation Management for my 4 year BS. Any thoughts, comments??

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Mike, I grew up in Carbondale and SIUC has exceptional programs in both Aviation and Journalism (Radio & TV is also really good). Unfortunately, I personally couldn't live in C'dale ever again (never say never). Anyhooo, I do believe that the Degree in Aviation Management is a "4 year" degree, i.e. BS. I say "4 year" because Carbondale has a tendency to turn a 4 year degree into 6 or more if you aren't careful not to party too much. There's pretty much nothing to do there and a definite party-school atmosphere. Also, I don't know if you noticed or not, but there is an entire forum dedicated to SIUC on the main forum page. Good luck with your choice.

small world huh? I left Carbondale in 1989 myself! SIU sorta had its way with me and I decided that it would be better if I didn't spend three thousand bucks or so per year just to party. I used to live in that neighborhood on Johnson St. and thankfully we never had the occasion to use your services. It's quite possible that you may have seen me on my way to high school in 1986 or 87. I was the one who always used to jump the little hill at the corner of Oakland and Main on my motorcycle. Well that is until I got busted by the man!

I am getting ready to finish up my AVM degree here in good ole C'Dale. As far as the AF part, spend your money elsewhere. They just got 7 brand new 172's and the chief flight instructor, Leland Widick, wont let anyone use the GPS's. NOT to say all the instructors there are crap, BIll Irwin is the best instructor ever, but many of the asst. cfi's have under 10hrs of actual time. However, the AVM part is well worth the time. All of the classes are research and presentation oriented. In one class you even get to start your own airline. I have learned so much about the industry through this Degree, I know I will be able to rock the interview. Think about it, but get your ratings elsewhere.
I'm mean, you can't use the GPS at all? Like, if you're flying and you're looking for a way to have better situational awareness, you can't use it? Or, you just can't....ummm...train with it??