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I’ve been reading this board for some time now; however, this is my first post. I’m just seeking some input from the great minds that congregate here at Jetcareers. I am going to get my CFI ticket within the next month and the school at which I have trained has offered me a job. I’m a 29-year-old with many financial obligations, but no children. I currently meet my obligations by working as a mail carrier. Between obtaining all of my certificates and a BS from ERAU, I have worked hard and spent a lot of money in this quest for the cockpit. It’s crunch time and I have to decide if I should take the CFI job and get a part time job to supplement my income. I realize good CFI jobs are difficult to find these days and I think I should take the job. I’m not getting any younger and if I am going to make this happen I believe I should take advantage of this opportunity. It is a good CFI job at a 141 school, which also operates a 135 charter service. I’m just looking for any advice from anyone that may have been in this dealing with this quandary. Should I take the plunge or play it safe and teach at night? The later would take a long time to get where I want to be, but maybe with the lack of hiring it would be a wise decision. I greatly appreciate any input from anyone on this subject.


Take the job!

Ask yourself if you want to fly for a living. If yes, then absouletely take the job.

It sounds like you've already decided anyways.

Good luck!
I'd take the CFI job. As you said, CFI jobs are difficult to find, not to mention those at 141 schools, which I would love to find. I'm a new CFI myself, and I constantly think about going back into my former career field to make some $$-but if I landed a job at XYZ flight school tomorrow, I would be there instead. I'm 31 so I can understand your age concern, and that alone drives me to fly whatever and whenever available-I don't have 5-10 years to work with that some of the younger guys do.
If flying is what you want to do, then most definately, take the job. You have to start somewhere, and instructing is a great place to start!

Good luck and get ready to say "Right Rudder" an awful lot.