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Saw this done in another forum, don't know if its been done here.
Whats the longest trip you've ever made in a light aircraft? (eg. Cessna 182, Piper Warrior, Katana, ect.)
PVD (Theodore Francis Green State Airport; Warwick, Rhode Island) to ACK (Nantucket Memorial Airport; Nantucket, Massachusetts). Where the show "Wings" took place. In a Cessna 172 by the way. The plane is owned by a good friend of my mom's and we went out for a "$100 hamburger" although I got a turkey sandwich instead.
In a light airplane, my longest trip was a new airplane ferry ... Independence, KS to Memphis, TN to Atlanta, GA to Salisbury, NC in a Cessna 172. Eight plus hours flying, close to 1000 miles.

In my current job, my longest single day was Beaufort, NC to Winston-Salem, NC to Beaufort, NC to Teterboro, NJ to Rocky Mount, NC to Windsor Locks, CT. Another eight hour flying day, but a lot more miles covered.

Piper Cherokee PA28, Greensboro NC (GSO) to Batvia OH (I69), about 3 hrs each way.

Winston-Salem NC (INT) to Batvia (I69), to Lunken (LUK) KY, to Statesville NC (SVH), to Winston salem (INT) in one night.
Chandler (KCHD) to Stellar Airpark (KP19), Arizona.

[/ QUOTE ]

Man ... how'd you make it?
Longest trip: Solo x/c for my PPL = VDF to DAB/ DAB to SGJ/ SGJ to GNV/ GNV to VDF.

Pretty much circled the entire Central part of the state. Total time was just over 4 hours.

Second longest: TPF to VRB/ VRB to FMY/ FMY to TPF for my IR x/c. 4.3 hours.
PWK to LaCrosse, WI, to Duluth, MN, to Mosinee, WI, and back to PWK in a 172.

Flight time of 9.1 hours.
In a light airplane, my longest would be from AHN (Athens GA) to RIC (Richmond VA) or MLB (Melbourne FL). Both were about the same distance. Approximately 550 miles.
Chandler (KCHD) to Stellar Airpark (KP19), Arizona.

[/ QUOTE ] That's nothing, I once went from Stellar, did touch and go's at Chandler, and had enough fuel to make it back to Stellar! I wasn't sure I was going to make when I was still 1.2nm out of CHD and the fatigue and dehydration began to set in.
Longest flight was DAB to MTH to VRB to DAB. Total flight time was 7 hours all in one day for my commercial cross country.
Longest for me was my IFR x/c.

ORL-CRG-Lake City-OCF (we were starving and needed food)-ORL.

A little over 4 hours.
Longest training flight was VRB-ATL-AHN-CRG-VRB, it was 7.5 in a seminole, but the best part was landing at Atlanta Hartsfield, we were by far the smallest aircraft in line for takoff...
FXE (FT Lauderdale Executive, Florida) -- BHB (Hancock County - Bar Harbor, Maine)
Did it this spring in a new and stupidly slow Archer III. Still I got to fly up almost the entire east coast. I have flown to Key West and to Canada as well so I guess I have flown the whole thing when I add it all up.