OK I didn't think I would have to do this... but after the usual summer of hard work and having to start school again it might be necessary for me to finish up the CFI.

....necessary to get a loan, not to finish up the CFI

Anyhoo since I have NO experience with this stuff I was wondering if you guys could help me out and lead me in the right direction. I don't know or care whether my flight school has financing available, I'd rather do it all through myself on my own (or parents') credit.

I'm specifically looking for a loan of no more than $5000, with a payback period of 5-10 years. I know there's lots of stuff 'out there'... but it's information overload so if anyone can help that'd be appreciated!
Payback of 5-10 years?? Get a credit card with a $5K limit and a low interest rate for 6 months get your license ASAP and pay it off in 6 months (if you have to transfer it to another cc with low APR for a bit). But do not make this a lengthy thing. This should build you good enough credit to when you pay that off you can pick up the Impaula.
Yeah I could do that.... just didn't want to put all that much on my cc; I'll have to get the limit raised again...

But first try and hit up your grandparents see if they will front some

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Ha I wish... my family ain't payin for jack on this one
Key Bank Aviation loan. Thats what I have and the interest rate is currently 3.78%. You don't pay while in school and there is asix month deferment after you finish. You can pre-pay while in school w/o penalty and it will greatly reduce the overall cost.. hope this helps.
what kind of credit/requirements are there to obtain Keybank's loan? Is it like a traditional unsubsidized school loan?
The last loan I got was a Key Loan for like $12k without a co-signer, and I'm a poor starving CFI who's total debt (car, credit cards, college, FSI, etc.) is approaching six figures. My credit is good, but still... Apparently they are pretty flexible. You can apply and get a decision right online.
I think putting it on the CC for 6-8 months is the best bet. You have always been good at saving so I am sure you can save up $5k and pay it off quickly. Do not extend your current one, what you have to look for is one with a super low intro rate (1.9% or so). You really do not want to carry that much debt for a long time, work hard, get your ticket, then work hard and pay it off.
check out sallie mae. they are darn near giving the dough away. you can choose the payback of up to 15 years and choose to limit pmts to interest only during class. I have used it for both ppl and ir.
I think putting it on the CC for 6-8 months is the best bet. You have always been good at saving so I am sure you can save up $5k and pay it off quickly.

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I am with Iain on this one. Finding a low to no interest credit card for 6 months would be your best bet to pay for your CFI training. Not much of hassle and remember to pay it off as quick as you can.