JAX location question


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Does anyone know how far the apartments are from the airport? HOw long would it take by bicycle? Its just a thought I had. I havea car, but I live in socal, so if i can avoid having to drive cross country for a 2 month stay, i would really like that.

Re: This guy is a dork. An F-22, yea right try c152

try a PA-44/G!!!! easily equal to an F-22.

But i could fly an F 22 if i wanted, so thats why its there
Re: This guy is a dork. An F-22, yea right try c152

How is Jacksonville as a town? Is there stuff to do? I know that it's on the coast and has a professional football team, but how is the night life and women?


Jacksonville is a pretty good place, haven't done a lot yet, but I just got here a week ago. Hopefully I'll find some stuff to do.
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Was that a PA/44 Gulf? Thats allright, I think you'd bug out and go home when I showed up in the C-182 and "communicated" with you.
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Well i attended ATP in Atlanta about a month ago, now I'm in the offices in jaX as an instructor....waiting for a location.
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I visited the Jax location at the end of Oct. I took a look around the apartment complex they put you up in and there were a good number of cuties by the pool. University of Northern Florida is right around the corner. Nice co-ed action.