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I hate to ask a question that I have asked before and I'm sure gets beat all to death, but I have let myself go as far as weight is concerned, and I jumped up to 340ish. My blood pressure is fine and believe it or not I still fit comfortably in a trainer. Is this anything to be concerned about when going for my medical?
Not unless there are other problems like diabetes or high blood pressure.

You should work on the weight though, obesity shortens life expectancy.
I am trying to work on the weight. I don't have diabetes and last check with my GP my blood pressure was 134/80. I'm also 6'7". My GP said, while i could use to lose some weight, he said for now I was fine because as he put it, "It's ok, you big boy." (hes oriental)
Your BMI is 38. That is way too high. It should be 25.

Hate to bring up a post over a month old but I basically have the same question. Now is BMI something that could prevent my medical? Or is it just the a sign that needs to be addressed? I'm roughly the same weight but shorter. But also my blood pressure is within acceptable range and as of a month ago, no sign at all of diabetes.
High BMI indicates potentially unhealthy conditions. It does not affect the medical.

How much stock should muscular people put in BMI. I'm 6'3'' 215 and I believe that technically falls into the overweight category. But I just got done playing college baseball, and I've been an athlete my entire life, and thus have lifted quite frequently. My body fat is 14%.