How to let a company know your interested?


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There is a company that I have been interested in flying for for the past 2 years. I do not have the hours as of now, but in about 9 months time I will. What would be the best way to get my foot in the door? I have been thinking about giving them a phone call in the next few months to ask them about the company, and about what they look for in their pilots, and what I would need to do to fly for them. Is this a good idea? Or would I be better off sending a resume and cover letter?

somebody told me this once...that you should go on & send in your resume...i think that is probably one of the best steps to do unless i'm forgetting something..
If this is a regional we're talking about, and you're talking about meeting their minimums in 9 months, keep in mind that the companies who ARE hiring are doing so at well above their posted mins at present--not something likely to change real soon.
Start now-
Are they close to you? If they are close to you, stop by, wear the suit and tie, and ask the chief pilot, director of Ops, director of Training, etc... to look over your resume. You can find a lot of information about the company's who's who in their website usually. Find the right people in the company, and ask for an informational interview. Let the people know that working for that company has been a long term goal, and stick with it. They will probably remember you, and if they liked you in the informational interview, You have a real good shot at getting hired over someone they have never met who's got a fancier resume. Also, in my opinion, the coverletter is more important than the resume, and it is often rushed by the applicant. Both times that I have been hired as a 727 Engineer, I'd say it was the coverletter that got me hired over the thousands of other guys with far, FAR more experiance.

Good luck, and if there is anything I can help with, tweak coverletters/resumes, etc... let me know.
Ugh, do I really need the suit and tie? Ill look like a bad used car salesman!

Could you go into detail about informational interviews? Are they usually formal or informal? What is the best way to arrange one? My biggest worry is calling this company and not get taken seriously.
About the suit, you are kidding right? You do realize that no one will take you seriously if you aren't dressed appropriately. First impressions are lasting impressions.
One of the rare times I agree with R2F. If you are going to have the cojones to walk in to a chief pilot's office uninvited then by all means you better dress the part. That suit better be pressed and the shoes spit shined.

I hate it when uninvited pilots walk in to my office. They better look great and have a good attitude, since they are already starting on a downside note!

I don't advise against doing it as even a bad first impression is better than none at all. If you stay humble and pleasant (no cocky arrogance please!) you have a chance of being treated the same. I probably shouldn't say this, but we have hired pilots who have walked by the "Please do not bring in a pilot resume without an appointment" sign.

Oh my Lord here they come down the hall now ....