How is the PPL program going Blee?


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Blee, just wanted to know how the PPL program is treating you after 5-6 weeks into it? Haven't heard you say too much about how things are going. Fill us in, a few of us are starting in about 3 weeks. Thanks blee.
How you doing Rob? I am doing great. I got my private license last week. Got it in about 30 days or 42 hours. So I have about 43 hours to burn off.

So guess what? ATP is flying me out to California on an airline. And I am going to be flying from cali to FL via Dallas. with an instructor of course. So i am pretty excited about that. When is your start date? June 2nd? If so thats when I start my ACP program. good luck.

That is awesome blee. Glad to hear you're doing great. Flying from cali to jax is going to be awesome.

Yeah, I start on June 2. I'm jumping out of my skin. All I have to do is pack and go. I've been ready to go since last week when I got my physical. I'm so excited that I'm actually looking forward to the 15 or so hour drive down there. I'll see ya down there. Have fun.