High or Low


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What is everybody's preference...high wing or low wing ?

I like the low wing myself but the visibility for my sight seeing passengers is limited so I try and take the C172 for that purpose. But for the most part , I like the low wing.

I like the shade the high wing affords me in these summer months!!!

But I prefer the visibility of the low wing. I'll take the low wing 9 out of the 12 months!
I have flown the low-wings since day one, so they're my favorite, but I'll fly most anything with wings
Low wing...

It looks like a proper airplane!

Besides.. I like sitting on the wing a hell of alot better then hanging from it. <grin>

Low wing!

Nothing worse than the following:

"Hey, check THAT out, lemme turn..."

"Dangit, wait until I level out..."

"Shoot, lemme pass over it and bank but look out of the back window as a I turn"
The first time I flew a high wing, I realized they are why clearing turns exist. Low wing is the only way to go.
Right on man, there's no better view than from the bubble canopy of a Bell 47 helicopter.

But, for the "siezed wing" pilots, consider this: Have you ever seen a low winged bird?!

I am a new fan of the low wing airplanes (as of today, acutally)!

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Do tell, Ed. Give...give..... what did you fly?

I'm a fan of low wings myself.

Cessna's are fine for looking at the ground in straight and level, but you can't see a thing when you turn crosswind, base, final....etc., etc.
I have about equal hours in Piper Warriors and Arrows as in 172s and Citabria. I still will take the looks of the low wing anyday. As a pilot, I prefer the low wing for visibility in the air, although the passengers always prefer the hig wing ground visibility. The high wing does afford clearance issues when you start flying bush or seaplanes or for that snowbank that didn't get cleared far enough back on the taxiway, but when al is said and done, I would rather fly the low wing.