Hi....new here.....How long for PPL?


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Hey everyone...
I've been reading this forum with interest for the past few months and just a few days ago decided to join.

So anyways, I'm a student trying to earn my private pilots license at Buttonville Municipal (CYKZ) in Toronto....

Just wondering how long it took some of you to get a private pilots......

I'm currently at 12 hours and been flying for 2 months.......(yeah, its a slow process with school and other stuff to be going through at the same time)....

-Eric H
Hello and welcome to JC!!

I think I got mine with something like 49 or 52 hours in a span of 4 months.

Depends on how much you fly. I flew at least three times a week and it worked out great for me because I was not having to "re-learn" things.
It takes a min of 40 with the FAA and the average I think is up to around 60 or 70. But remember it depends on how often you fly.

I did mine in 43.5 but I was at a big flight school and thats all I did was fly.
I'm just over 80 hours and my checkride is next weekend. I started back in May 2002 and had about a 6 month span of not flying, plus I started out flying just once a week.

It also depends on where you're training. I'm doing my training from an airport inside the Baltimore/Washington ADIZ so we have at least 30 minutes of 'wasted' time flying to & from our practice area.
48 hours here, I flew 2x and sometimes 3x a week. There were a couple of gaps due to wx and it made a world of difference. The more often you can fly the better. I would shoot for at elast 2x a week and more if you can swing it.
I'm going to have to look at my hours again.... I want to say it was less than I orignally said.... maybe not.

<note to self.... nobody cares>

35.1 (was part 141) From June 1 to August 27, 2001.

But the real answer, the only one that matters to you is: as many as it takes.

Welcome to the board.

<note to self.... nobody cares>

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Oh...someone cares, just its not me...as long as you have it.
Thanks everyone....

I've always been told by my FBO that even though the standards in Canada is 40 hours minimum, that no one actually makes it in that time....

Anyways, I try to fly about twice a week....the weather up here can really suck sometimes.......so i get a lot of cancelled flights....
I got mine in 59 hours. Another thing to consider though is the amount of time you spend on the ground and taxiing with the engine running. I fly out of a VERY busy class D airport and it's not uncommon for me to be on the ground 10-15min before takeoff...

Good luck and welcome!
I went the FBO route and it took me bout 60-70 hours to get my PPL.

Yea it sucked cause I had friends who did it in 40 hrs. but everyone is different.

So don't compare yourself to anyone else just be yourself.

On the plus side I have more hours then them to go toward my instrument and commercial.


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