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i just wanted to thank those who gave me some good advice and info. i will be pulling into vero on the 2nd of jan. for the 6th class. i'm looking forward to the challenge!!
I'm in the Jan 6 private audit. I'm moving into an apartment on campus on the 2nd. There's another guy (oexman I think) starting with us as well.
Have a safe trip down. I've gone through everything there, so if you have any questions, or need help with anything, dont hesitate to let me know (EatSleepFly@aol.com), I'd be glad to help. I'll be back on Jan. 2nd to get ready for the big interview. Happy Holidays...
Have a great time down there. All I can say is that the time will fly. Its coming up on a year from when I started the Audit and in a flash I was done and on my way home!
yep..I'll be there too...I am planning on arriving on the 2nd as well...probably around 2:00 in the afternoon to pick up my apartment key.

My last day at work is this coming Friday..WOOHOO!

I can't wait to get down there and get started!

Anybody know what enrollment #s look like for our class?
Man, you guys are in for a great experience...I look back and remember the first day, I was nervous!!! But after a week you get into the swing and it's great....I'm envious!!
Study study study, memorize those checklist items that they tell you to do and you'll be a step ahead!
Good to have you guys on board....I've heard the January #'s should be pretty good. Definately a good thing. If you guys need any info feel free to PM me here and I'll try and help. I've been down here since the end of September.
That is a great tip Baronman.

I agree with that idea. Go to the book store and get all of the aircraft checklists & procedures for the Cadet (Cherokee) on day one and at least have the checklists down cold before the Audit ends (memorize all of the black and red box lists). Also remember that you can head down to the flight line as early as you want and get some cockpit time to start applying the checklists in the aircraft. If you have all of that down cold on the first day of flying things will go very well.
Good Luck to you guys coming in January! You'll never look back or second guess your decision to attend FSA. It is an awesome place! If you need any help, PM me on JC. I will be at FSA for a while working on my CFI and CFI-I. Again, good luck and we'll see you in January!
it's amazing how many people from FSA communicate on this board. this site hsa been a great help to me. i will definitely pick up my checklists when i get there and start studying. i'm starting from 0 hours but i'm ready for the challenge. i've already scored a place. my land lady is very cool. she still has some one bedrooms free if anyone is interested. i'll forward you her info if you need it. have a great holiday break everyone and see you in the new year!
Hey guys - I too am starting on the 6th, will probably get down there late on the 2nd. I'll be the guy in orientation with the red eyes - two 15 hr driving days should get me into vero. I'll have to invest in some "trucker's choice" pep pills. I will be auditing the instrument class however...

Mr. Snickers - would definitely be interested in hearing about the 1 beds, although am planning on the dorms for the first month.

Can't wait to get going!
The post about the checklist was incorrect, they are not 11.5 Mb the Cadet is a little over 1 Mb and the Seminole is about 1.4 Mb.

If anyone is interested in renting a house my neighbors just informed me they are intrested in renting their house to some flight safety students. Its has two full size bedrooms and I think two smaller ones, I can't quite remember the layout. If anyone is interested please let me know and I will put you in contact with them! Not sure about the price! It is about 1.5 mile to the airport and right in the downtown area near the library.
Renting a house is the way to go. It often ends up cheaper by the time you split up the rent, and you usually get quite a bit more space. Check out tcpalm.com for the current listings.

n2diver - I am definitely interested in living somewhere other than the dorms, my email is: grizztrax@hotmail.com. Obviously would need a roommate or two, if anyone else might be interested let me know! One week 'til orientation - yikes!
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I'll have to invest in some "trucker's choice" pep pills.

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Careful what you eat! You will be peeing into a cup on Monday... If you have a car, your best bet is to get the classifieds from the paper and start driving around. I know that there are a couple of houses for rent on my street (41st Ave.) and I live about a 5 minute drive from the airport.

Well I am now at FSI living on campus in one of the apartments, and oexman is one of my roommates. I've also met Tbone and Chunk. We started the private audit today, and I believe there are about 30 people total. The vast majority (22-23) have their PPL and the rest are starting ab initio. We began today with a Private Pilot written test, for the purpose of identifying any weak areas in our knowledge. The test grade was not recorded, it was just for our benefit. I scored exactly what I got on my 'real' PPL written last year. At least I'm consistent.

Orientation was all day Friday, and went well. There were presentations from the directors of the center, academics, and flight training, to give us an overview of the school and what to expect. We were measured for uniforms, took a drug test, purchased books, had our logbooks evaluated, and finalized any financial issues that remained. Overall everything was very organized and professional-nothing here seems to just barely happen, everything is deliberate and done thoroughly. The facilities are excellent.

I spent part of Sunday sitting in a Cadet with the checklists getting familiar with the Piper cockpit, with the radio on listening to the very busy tower. I will hopefully have an instructor soon (hey Chunk gimme a call) and start flying.

So far it's obvious that this is the flight school that sets the standard, and I'm glad I came here. I'll continue to post my progress (maybe on another thread).