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Hey, did you buy any kat phood this weekend? We're out.

(Sorry folks, I just know she surfs JC during lunchtime!)
Just give them some tuna if you're out of cat food.

My cats go crazy when I open a can of tuna.
nope..we're outta cat phood then!

we have plenty of cans so don't get that...Tony - we give cans as a treat because one of our cats pimps us on a daily basis for canned food and it gets to be a bit much sometimes! and then the other cat only likes tuna - nothing else... ack!! i sure don't want them dependant on a can since we go out of town so often!
however - check the cat "can" - BIG can in the bottom of the 1st door... there may be some in there - but i would like to wash out that cat food dispenser first - it hasn't been cleaned in a while! so if it's not empty empty.. let it go to "seriously" empty first so I can cleanz it out!
Nah, the big can is M-T. I'll pick up some when I run errands in a bit.
Well, one of my furballs comes over and begs, no matter what I'm eating. Fish, beef, chicken, whatever. So giving him tuna isn't a big deal since he's going to beg no matter what.

The other one is much more mellow. He sits around, waits for the first one to beg and if the first one is successful, he goes and gets his share of the treats!

I think the second one is smarter. He doesn't get the "no! Bad cat!" treatment but he gets the rewards!

Funny thing is that the first cat only begs with me. When I go away and others take care of them, he doesn't beg at all.
ko! maybe go to the shea & tatum petsmart and see if they have any wee one's in stock! hahaha (you know how we got both kitties during the week there)
Tony - we give cans as a treat because one of our cats pimps us on a daily basis for canned food and it gets to be a bit much sometimes!

[/ QUOTE ]

One of our cats is worse than a crack addict when it comes to canned food.
I swear that cat starts pimping as soon as we start walking into the kitchen, kinda like we do when we go to get an in & out "crack" burger! she's the type that wants you to follow her thru the kitchen to the pantry door (where the cat cans live) and then she looks at you with those "tuna tuna??" look?! hahaha
It's like an episode of "you know you spend too much time online when..."!
*nods* you betcha! sometimes it brings back that ol' online romance thing we had years ago! BWAHHhahahahahha...

but now a days it's "what's on the honey do list" and "have the bills been paid" type stuff instead of the "choochie coo" type stuff...

One of our cats is worse than a crack addict when it comes to canned food.

[/ QUOTE ]

Is canned cat food the new trend with crackheads? Talk about munchies....

Sorry, someone had to say it
Cats rock I'm sooooo not a dog person. Not that I hate dogs but they just require too much attention.

Cats are very independent and most times I only see my cat Osiris when it is time to eat cause he sleeps all day and most of the night.

But he is one greedy a$$ cat he'll eat 3 times in one sitting if I let him and still want more.

Corrie's cat Rat-a-tat is a kitten so naturally he gets all the attention in the house.

We feed my cat like all canned food...all you have to do is bang it against the counter, or open the little thingy and he darts down to get it....cats sure are funny!
Well I was told by the vet that you just can't feed cats all wet food cause it can cause them to get gum diesease.

So you gotta feed em both wet and dry food ona regular basis.

We all know what cats prefer of course.

Yeah, we give him wet food for breakfast and dinner, the rest of the day he has to snack on the dry food...although he appears to be smart, because he lives his wet food (or not so wet anymore) out for a while and haves it later
My cats prefer human food. It's funny. I come home from work, feed the furballs, and they eat a little. But the orange tabby eats enough to tide him over until he can beg to eat my food!
mine likes regular milk as long as there's cereal in it.... and then the same cat will also eat saltine crackers (i'm thinking it's the salt??).... they always come over to sniff our food and if they don't like something - they pretend their burying it as if they're in the litter box....

have any of you bought that mouse contraption that moves around on it's own (battery assisted)? it works wonders for both my cats! like putting kids in front of the TV!! hahaha
I thought milk makes cats constipated and gives them diarrea?

I don't give our cats human food often cause don't want them to get spoiled and not want there cat food. When it only cost .73 for 4 cans at Wal-Wart.

They only get human food as a special treat. Though Osiris will eat anything but he loves colby jack cheese for some reason.